11 Photos that show Catriona Gray is a world-class beauty

11 Photos that show Catriona Gray is a world-class beauty

Catriona Gray just won Miss World Philippines last Sunday, October 2. She’s a half Australian talented singer and model who will surely bring us honor in the Miss World compeition this December 18.

Gray was named the winner because of the judges’ criteria. For us, she is truly a world-class Filipina beauty just from her photos on Instagram alone.

1. Rockin’ short ‘do

There are only a few Filipinas who can sport the short hair. The shorter hair seems to accentuate Gray’s features more, don’t you think?

2. Outrageous hair

As a model, she needs to look good in whatever she’s wearing, especially if you have a big hair that’s not really an everyday look. Only Gray can pull this off!

3. Dark lips

Gray also looks good wearing black lipstick. Other people just look like witches, but she looks like a dark mysterious beauty.

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4. Outstanding model

For her shoots, Gray always delivers her best in modeling. “Pak na pak!,” as others would say.

5. Sweet and simple

She may look really good all glammed up with styled hair, eccentric make-up, wearing the most expensive gowns, but you can truly see beauty in the simple things. Here she is wearing just a shirt and black leggings but looking gorgeous with her hair pulled back.

6. Pizza lover!

Gray can look glamorous devouring a slice of pizza while wearing a Lady and the Tramp shirt. Life is just unfair.

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7. Stands out

The Miss Universe Philippines winner truly stands out in a very picturesque background.

8. Woke up like this

Even with less make-up or the no-makeup make-up look, Gray simply radiates. The messy hair also gives off a “I woke up like this” vibe.

9. Candidly cute

If your friends ever photograph you while you’re laughing, this photo wouldn’t be the end result. This is the expectation, but the reality is your double chin will show and you certainly wouldn’t look as graceful as she does.

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10. Got it from her mama

Of course, Gray got her beauty from her Pinay mother! Don’t they just look a pretty mother-daughter duo?

11. She just does

She’s a true world-class beauty, because she simply is. The judges wouldn’t have voted her if she weren’t. Go make us proud this December, Catriona Gray!

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