Cop proposes to Duterte's aide-de-camp

Cop proposes to Duterte's aide-de-camp

- President Digong has witnessed how Police Senior Insp. Arvin Jumillo promises forever to his five years and 10 months girlfriend

- Jumillo's true love, Police Senior Insp. Romea Alnieza Kinang, happened to be the president's aide-de-camp

- Everyone present during that wonderful moment was on cloud nine

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There is nothing sweeter than witnessing a marriage proposal right before your own eyes. President Rodrigo "Digong" Duterte is one lucky man to have seen such tender and sentimental moment.

Police Senior Insp. Arvin Jumillo has offered his undying love to Duterte's female aide-de-camp in the city of Butuan. Police Senior Insp. Romea Alnieza Kinang, who happened to be trailing the commander-in-chief, has been in a five-year relationship with Jumillo.

Right in front of Duterte, before he left the stage, Jumillo proposed to his girlfriend.

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He asked the beloved Philippine president for three minutes to take the precious moment and grab the very rare chance but, perfect timing to profess his love to his "the one."

Jumillo shared that unknown to many, Duterte's aide-de-camp, is his girlfriend for exactly five years and ten months already. He revealed that they are about to tie the knot this month but they decided to call it off in the meantime after having a fight and broke up.

Nevertheless, Jumillo treated what happened as a blessing in disguise to have the opportunity to propose before the country's Chief Executive and the public watching worldwide.

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He told his future wife the realizations he had for the past five years that they have been together. He saw his shortcomings as a boyfriend but promises to make it up to her when they finally have their forever as a married couple.

Jumillo got down on his knee and vowed to Kinang while everyone can't hide their excitement.

Everybody, including the president, looked happy as if cheering for the newly-engaged love birds.

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