6 photos that would infuriate bashers of Jessy Mendiola

6 photos that would infuriate bashers of Jessy Mendiola

- It is safe to say that Jessy Mendiola has gathered a bunch of bashers after a series of events

- This could be attributed to when she was assumed to be the cause behind a couple’s break-up and when given the sexiest woman title

- So if you’re one, then you could totally relate to these instances

While Spiderman believes that great power comes with great responsibility, another can be said of Jessy Mendiola – rising fame comes with increasing number of haters.

After being dubbed as the sexiest woman of 2016 by FHM, it seems like naysayers of the young actress has become more aggressive on expressing their discontent towards her.

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At one point, Jessy even opted to keep her Instagram profile private. However, it looks like she has slowly learned to move around it and eventually opened up her social media account back to the public.

With a portion of her life spread out for everyone to see, here are six photos we assume that are open to ridicule for her bashers.

1. When she had a photo with Song Joong Ki

The Korean superstar has undoubtly made a name for himself in the Philippines when his hit drama series “Descendants of the Sun” was aired. When a photograph of him with Jessy circulated online, there were a lot of hateful comments asking how the two had the chance to meet and other nastier remarks. But face it, you’re just jealous of how Jessy was able to stand beside the gorgeous man – and even have a souvenir of it!

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2. When she wouldn’t wear a coat (or polo) properly

Here come those who would make an issue out of everything. “Why bother putting a coat if you won’t wear it properly?” is likely what a lot of her haters think immediately. Some would even say that she’s doing it for kaartehan’s sake. Nevertheless, no matter what you say, she remains to look chic.

3. When she keeps taking selfies during her workout

Let’s be real, do you expect that the person who’s been hailed as the sexiest woman would not flaunt her enviable figure? Of course not! So instead of hating, why not just hit the gym and try to achieve that long time coming summer body you’ve been wanting?

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4. When she was casted with Coleen Garcia and Arci Muñoz for a movie

The first thing that pops in everyone’s mind is why her and not Ellen Adarna? In fact, the trio had already proven that they work well together on “Passion de Amor.” However, regardless of your yapping, you can’t take back how the management decided to pick Jessy for the role. Just wait and see before you judge!

5. When she wore a Darna costume

Jessy already knew she would be the center of unwanted attention and criticisms when she posted this, hence the caption. If that won’t still stop you from calming down, then we don’t know what could.

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6. When she looked sweet with JC de Vera but ended up dating Luis Manzano

Only a few probably had the inkling that something was going on between Luis and Jessy before the news about them seeing together broke out. For quite some time, followers were convinced that Jessy and JC was a little more than simple friendship because of their cute photos together. Apparently and obviously, we’re wrong.

Luis has been supportive of Jessy so far amid the controversies surrounding them and another actress, Angel Locsin. Despite the circumstances, Luis brushed the rumors off and even claimed that the haters have strengthened their relationship.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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