6 outrageous statements made by Filipino politicians

6 outrageous statements made by Filipino politicians

The tough-talking foul-mouthed president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has all but alienated the country in the international community with all the crass statements he has been making since he was officially sworn into office.

As a tribute, we have compiled a list of the equally outrageous statements made by Filipino politicians, which were apparently eclipsed by the president's incessant rants.

1. "I believe that the Drug Menace is so big it needs a FINAL SOLUTION like the Nazis adopted. That I believe. NO REHAB."

This atrocious statement came from the freshly appointed UN Ambassador Teddyboy Locsin. In a tweet he has posted on August 21, a little more than a month before President Duterte made his insensitive Hitler-drug war analogy, Locsin has categorically suggested that all drug-linked personnel be killed. We rest our case.

Some of the reactions that he got?

2. “Medyo hindi maganda tignan.”

This reactive statement by the incumbent Minority Floor Leader Danilo Suarez of the House of Representative is yet to reach its full potential. The statement after House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez announced that he is in the process of drafting a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in the country.

Nevertheless, the statement has already reached amazing heights in terms of the anger it sparked.

Oh, and the hate he got when he said, "Meron bang ganun?" after he was asked if showing the sex video is a form of slut-shaming? Simply amazing...

The lawmaker, obviously rebuked for his remarks, also received a referral to a training on gender sensitivity and human rights.

From one lawmaker to another, "And since you, as a lawmaker – a lawmaker!!! – presumably swore to protect the rights of women, may I kindly suggest that you and your wise colleagues all undergo such training."

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3. “If we approve male on male, female on female, then man is worse than animal.”

It is perhaps one of the most popular yet unpopular line that had ever escaped the mouth of world boxing champion and incumbent Senator Manny Pacquiao. Surprisingly, the lawmaker made it to the Senate even after such an infamous anti-LGBT remark dished out while on national TV.

Is it luck? We'll never know for sure but we know how some people feel about it.

4. ''Ilan ang namatay na mga pulis? Walo. Iyan po ang mga casualties sa pagsisiguro na minimal ang civilian casualties doon sa pagsakop ng Zamboanga ng mga Muslim na mananakop."

Former DILG Secretary "Mr. Palengke" Mar Roxas, despite his smooth talks and tacky image had his moments. A "lapse in judgement" if we quote former President Gloria Arroyo, or a misquoted statement would perhaps be the first excuse for this anti-Muslim blunder, but Mar Roxas claimed it was just an 'adjective' to describe the rebel groups.

He probably lost a lot with this remark...

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5. "Kasalanan ng lahat ng 'yan ng pag-inom... Kababae mong tao pa-shot-shot ka?"

In yet another controversial remark that was supposedly aggravated after it was "taken out of context", Senator Tito Sotto has gone under fire for allegedly shaming and blaming a victim. A classic case of double-standards in women, and as Senator Leila De Lima would call it, "a trivialization of women's issues" in play.

Are we surprised it received such hate? NO.

6. “'Di siya woman, 'di siya man. Eh 'di congressperson?”

Former vice president and veteran broadcaster Noli De Castro had been on the receiving end of public outrage when the news anchor expressed his uncertainty in referring to the first transgender lawmaker Geraldine Roman. Fortunately for De Castro, the issue, though it received its share of angst, were easily dismissed by the LGBT community.

But not by some...

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