5 Fiercest enemies of President Duterte

5 Fiercest enemies of President Duterte

President Duterte is known as one of the most combative, aggressive and headstrong public servants in the history of Philippine politics.

However, those characteristics of his have made him a lot of critics, detractors and enemies from both the local and international scene.

He even called one of his perceived enemies as a “son of a whore” and told him to “go to hell” for expressing concern about the alleged extrajudicial killings in the country.

Here is a list of the President’s enemies who he would probably want to go to hell as soon as possible.


President Duterte (Photo: Inquirer)

Sen. Leila De Lima

She has been his most vocal and consistent critic which made her the President’s biggest target so far.

She has been accused of adultery, of being an immoral person, a drug lord protector and has been told by the President to resign.

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Sen. Antonio Trillanes

Before he won the presidency, Trillanes accused the then Davao City Mayor of having undeclared wealth hidden in his BPI account.

After he won the presidency, the soldier turned politician continued to slam Digong for the alleged killings and his careless statements towards his enemies.

Chito Gascon

He is the current head of the Commission on Human Rights who have expressed his concern about the spate of summary killings since his administration started.

The President has told him to “shut up” and described him as an idiot for doing so.

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Archbishop Socrates Villegas

Villegas is one of the few bishops who have the guts to stand up to Digong in public.

He slammed the President when he cursed Pope Francis; he reasoned with Duterte after he criticized the Catholic Church and its leaders in the Philippines; and he constantly raises awareness about respecting the human rights of criminals.

US Pres. Barack Obama

The President made international news when he apparently called the US leader as a “son of a whore.” After receiving public backlash for his comments, Digong issued an apology.

However, he recently told Obama to “go to hell” for raising his concern about human rights violations in the country.

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