9 times Andi Eigenmann showed us who’s boss

9 times Andi Eigenmann showed us who’s boss

- Andi Eigenmann has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry

- With her prowess in acting and huge following on her social media accounts, she’s proved that she’s here to stay

- However, here are some instances when she caught us by surprise with her posts

Let’s just put this out there as early as now: Andi Eigenmann is one of the most beautiful Filipina actresses of this generation.

Not only does she have the looks to boot, but her impressive acting chops have also garnered positive feedback from highly respected critics.

However, Andi has this particular tendency to trample on our feelings. Curious? Here are 9 times that she’s done it.

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1. When she hit home for those #hugot feels

Just your daily reminder to put an end to the foolishness you’ve been doing that is called ‘love.’ We already know we’re sawi, stop rubbing it in!

2. When she slammed a hater for not being recognized as an exceptional actress

Nothing more painful than to have your own insult thrown back at you and Andi did just that. Besides, if that person had enough time to talk ill about an artist who brought pride to our country, he better have a bigger achievement to back his comments. We’re with you on this one, girl!

3. When she expressed doubt if same hater is actually human

While most are concerned if they’re referring someone with the appropriate gender, Andi was worrying over a more intense problem – whether the naysayer is truly a person. Ouch. But hey, she easily brushed it off with a movie promotion. No big deal.

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4. When she promoted her movie but urged ‘@unoxemilio’ not to attend

For those who are on the brink of not getting the joke, the Twitter account Andi was replying to was not the official account of former boyfriend Jake Ejercito. Nevertheless, when asked about her successful film, she was more than delighted to share some information but encouraged the user otherwise.

5. When she killed the Twitter feud she had with the real Jake months later

Possibly a topnotcher on the ‘most controversial Twitter fights between celebrities ever’ under the ‘ex-couples’ category. You know it’s time to grab some popcorn and soda when Andi started to drop bombs one after another – but this has got to be the cherry on top.

6. When she clarified who is her new ‘baby’

Before things go haywire, Andi decided to make everything clear when she mentioned a ‘baby’ in her caption. No offense, dude.

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7. When she insisted on not being ‘fun’

After seeing that video, we beg to differ. If you don’t call yourself ‘fun’ when you’re obviously down for everything, then what do you call those who aren’t game to do anything at all? How rude, just accept the compliment. Note that she claimed to be ‘cool’ though – not that we can argue with that.

8. When she appeared breathtaking on her recent Metro mag cover

Despite having her heart broken and being the center of unwanted attention for countless times already, Andi just proved to us she’s far from sawi. That’s unfair, young lady. At least give us some tips!

9. When she remained to be a loving mother amid naysayers

With the cat out of the bag, Andi must be going through a rough time these days – especially her daughter, Ellie, who’s probably still too young to understand everything that’s going on. She didn't even pay attention to all the nasty comments directed towards her! But that's just Andi for you, nothing comes first than her love for Ellie.

Andi Eigenmann is currently starring on “The Greatest Love” as Lizelle Alegre. Her movies this year such as “Camp Sawi” was a hit, and “Ma’ Rosa” lauded by the international community when it was chosen to serve as an entry to the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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