Duterte’s latest insults are against Roxas

Duterte’s latest insults are against Roxas

- Mar Roxas is the latest addition to Duterte’s unrelenting tirades

- In a speech, he once again insulted Roxas’ education saying the latter didn’t really graduate from the prestigious Wharton School of Business

- He also said that his character is well-suited for a mayor, not for the big league

Duterte’s latest insults are against Roxas

President Duterte (Photo credit: rappler.com)

President Duterte is known for his offensive statements. He has been lambasting President Barack Obama and the European Union for condemning human rights violations that are occurring in the country.

After telling Barack Obama to “go to hell,” the President, whom Obama regards as a very colorful guy turned his eyes towards Mar Roxas, his rival during the last presidential elections.

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Despite the fact that Roxas lost the presidency to Duterte, the latter just can’t get over him.

Duterte once more ridiculed Mar Roxas in public because, according to him, the latter is flaunting his degree from Wharton School of Business.

During the campaign for the 2016 presidential elections, one of the issues thrown against Roxas was that he wasn’t really a graduate of the prestigious school.

Duterte’s latest insults are against Roxas

Mar Roxas (Photo credit: abante.com.ph)

Such issue raised a lot of murmur on social media, but it was clarified when Wharton School of Business issued a statement which confirms that Mar Roxas indeed graduated from the said school.

Wharton School is found at the University of Pennyslvania, one of the Ivy League schools in the United States known for producing the top-caliber economists.

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Despite the previous admission of Wharton, President Duterte still maintains that Roxas didn’t graduate from said school. He said that his research showed him otherwise.

He even said that when he looked, it wasn’t at all Wharton but Watson.

Aside from insulting Roxas, Duterte also said that while he doesn’t want to demean himself, his character is ideally suited for a mayor. He also admitted that he is not ready for the big league, referring to the presidency.

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