6 of the most hated politicians in the Philippines

6 of the most hated politicians in the Philippines

The colorful political history of the Philippines ensures that we never run out of hateful stories to dig out. In light of the current controversies stirred by President Rodrigo Duterte in and outside the country, let us reminisce on the hateful lessons of history and remember those high-profile people we used to hate so much.

We have rounded up a shortlist of the Filipino politicians (other than the President) who have been so hated by Filipinos in at least one point in modern time.

1. Emmanuel ¨Manny¨ Pacquiao

Before Manny Pacquiao became the senator that we know now, he was identified as a champion boxer and Sarangani province representative. Some time in between, Pacquiao managed to squeeze in a hateful statement where he referred to the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community members as ¨worse than animals¨, which earned him a spot in this list.

Some of the hate comments he received are as follows:

2. Imelda Marcos

Imelda Marcos, one of the most glamorous women in Philippine history once described as ¨a beautiful woman whose smile can charm scowls off the face of the most cantankerous leaders¨ is now the representative of the province of Leyte. Unfortunately for Mrs. Marcos, people had seem to need no reason to hate her. Her pompous attitude and mere affiliation to the late President Ferdinand Marcos had simply been enough.

And her haters say...

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3. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

Former president-turned-Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo had stated her rise to power as a well-loved teacher. Unfortunately, she seemed to have overstayed her welcome at the presidential office because towards the end of her elected term, she was involved in the "Hello Garci" scandal, and would most probably be remembered as ¨a president mired in greed and corruption¨.

So what do people say about her...?

4. Benigno ¨Noynoy¨ Aquino III

Benigno ¨Noynoy¨ Aquino III is a former Senator and the predecessor of President Rodrigo Duterte. Noynoy took the presidency by storm and his ¨Daang Matuwid" had been quite popular in the beginning of his term. Unfortunately, towards the end of his term, people no longer seem remember the overwhelming support they had given. Instead, the ¨laglag-bala¨ controversy overshadowed all the success that he had as a public servant, and the ¨Daang Matuwid¨ had lost its spark.

Noynoy seem to be less visible now, but his haters... Let´s just say that they live on...

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5. Jejomar ¨Jojo¨ Binay

Jejomar ¨Jojo¨ Binay was the former mayor of Makati City and the 15th vice president of the country. Unlike most rags-to-riches story, however, Binay´s story of success made a lot of people hate him more. His claim to success in Makati had been his downfall. Instead of success, Makati has been objectified into the symbol of his greed. Having his family on the local government did not help his cause one bit.

If he was so successful in Makati, you might be wondering why he made it to this list. I guess his haters can tell us why...

6. Manuel ¨Mar¨ Roxas II

Manuel ¨Mar¨ Roxas II was once propelled to fame by his ¨Mr. Palengke¨ slogan. Unbeknownst to the former Interior and Local Government (DILG) secretary, that one point had been the single, most shining moment of his political career. Aside from his tacky public image, his controversial comics ¨Sa Gitna ng Unos¨ is believed to be the catalyst of the hate he received during his presidential campaign.

Unlike the others, Roxas´ haters have all but disappeared as well. However, it does not mean it did not exist.

Whatever the reason is for hating Duterte right now, remember that we once hated someone else just as much.

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