Pinay grandma sells street food to provide for family

Pinay grandma sells street food to provide for family

- Pictures of an old woman selling street food on the streets to provide for her poor family have gone viral

- Netizens applauded the grandmother for being such a hardworking person

- Some netizens were also outraged that her family is allowing her to work in her very old age

A set of heartbreaking photos showing a very old Filipina pushing a large food cart to provide for her family has gone viral, with many netizens touched by the work ethic of the grandma and outraged because she is still forced to work despite her age.

Some of the photos show the hardworking grandma alone on the streets pushing the cart containing different kinds of street food.

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One photo also shows one customer buying from the thoughtful grandmother.

Due to the poverty of her family, a woman as old as her is still working hard every day.

Many netizens were heartbroken to see the pictures of the old woman.

“Nakaka awa siya kung ako pa anak niya di ko na to papayagan mag lako, bilib ako sa Lola na ito. Kinakaya niyang magtinda para mabuhay,” a netizen said.

(I feel for her. If I was her child, I would not allow her to become a street vendor. I applaud this grandmother. She is willing to sell on the streets to have a living.)

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The online user added that the online community should share these kinds of stories instead of sharing stories about netizens who just want to show off.

“Ito yung dapat pinapasikat , hindi yung pasayawsayaw, pakitaan ng clevage at halos maghubad na,” the netizen said.

(These are the people who should become famous. Not those people who dance, show their cleavage and expose their bodies.)

Some netizens added that the pictures of the grandmother should be a wake-up call for people who are too lazy to work.

“Yung mga tamad dyan. Tamaan nman kayo,” an online user posted.

(For the lazy people out there, this story should affect you.)

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