6 things Liza Soberano is blessed to have

6 things Liza Soberano is blessed to have

- It could be easily claimed how Liza Soberano holds all qualities of being perfect

- With her good looks and incredible character, she easily managed to have a steadily growing fan base all over the world

- Here are other ways to prove how Liza is indeed blessed

Some of the most usual reactions whenever Liza Soberano becomes the topic of conversation are her charming allure and the qualms of living in an unfair world.

But does Liza really have it all? Let’s try and see if the young actress truly comprises the meaning behind the ‘perfect girl.’

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1. Goddess face? Check.

This is an obvious giveaway point for Liza, don’t you think? In fact, if you try to broaden it to her entire physical appearance, it’s nearly impossible for us to find a flaw. From her well-sculpted features, luscious locks, down to her enviable figure, we can only say one thing – ikaw na!

2. A good personality? Check.

While everyone else is fussing over her beauty, Liza begs to differ. Her unparalleled humility has surprised a lot of people. Who would expect that one of the most stunning celebrities (claimed not only by Filipinos, but global personalities as well) would insist that she’s not all that? Furthermore, despite her steadily rising career in the entertainment industry, Liza remains to have her feet planted firmly on the ground. Not only does she look like an angel, but she plays the part too!

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3. Not a damsel in distress? Check.

Even though Liza proved that she could easily pass for royalty, she doesn’t need a knight in shining armor to defend herself against bashers and hackers. Now, don’t get us wrong – our lady is not a war freak! She just knows how to pick her battles wisely and finish it with a blow.

4. Impeccable taste in style? Check.

Whether she’s all glammed up or extremely casually dressed, Liza radiates a sophisticated aura. We get the feeling that even if you force her to wear a plastic garbage bag, she’d still look like cropped out photo from the magazine.

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5. Unquestionable talent? Check.

You’re lying if you haven’t cried at least once while watching Liza’s teleseryes after being moved by her lauded acting. And the best part? She just keeps getting better! However, we could hear haters arguing how she only possesses a single skill. Sorry to burst your bubble but our girl’s got a handful of things she could do. Liza released a song entitled “Spark” as part of the “Dolce Amore” soundtrack; she could also easily rap and even munch on chili peppers for snacks.

6. An equally amazing man for a partner? Check.

We can’t think of anyone else other than Enrique Gil who’s perfect for Liza. They surely found a match with each other as both are pranksters among many other qualities they share!

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Liza Soberano is a Filipino-American artist under ABS-CBN network. Her biggest break in the showbiz industry was when she portrayed the role of Agnes for “Forevermore,” with Enrique Gil as her leading man.

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