Jeepney passenger’s bag snatched by teen in Cebu

Jeepney passenger’s bag snatched by teen in Cebu

- Dashcam footage showing a teen snatcher stealing a bag from a defenseless jeepney passenger in Cebu City went viral

- The incident happened during a heavy traffic jam at Salinas Drive

- Unfortunately, the young thief was able to escape with the bag

A dashcam footage showing a teenager snatching a bag from an unsuspecting jeepney passenger in Cebu City has rocked the online community, with many netizens commenting about the dangers of commuting in the Philippines.


Cebu snatcher (Photo: Facebook)

The footage shows a jeepney taking a full stop during a traffic jam along Salinas Drive. A few moments later, a teenager approaches the jeepney and takes away the bag from outside the public utility vehicle.

The eyewitness – including two people riding a motorcycle – were left stunned with what just happened.

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The suspect was quick to disappear from the scene. However, the dashcam footage might be of some help to the police.

Netizens were shocked with the alarming footage.

“Grabe talaga sa Pinas. Hirap mag commute. Pwede ma rape, makidnap at manakawan,” a netizen lamented.

(It is very dangerous in the Philippines. It is very difficult to commute because you can be raped, kidnapped and robbed.)

Other online users commented that parents should do a better job in molding their children in order to prevent them from committing crimes.

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“Yong mga ganyang klaseng tao na bata palang demonyo na... Dapat pinuputulan na ng sungay,” an online user wrote.

(These kinds of young people act like demons. Their horns should be cut off.)

Several netizens also pointed out that many young people in the country resort to a life of crime due to poverty and a lack of proper supervision from their parents.

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