6 extremely weird festivals in Asia that will gross you out

6 extremely weird festivals in Asia that will gross you out

Asia has its colorful and diverse cultures that constitutes festivals ranging from plain to extremely weird.

Every country has its own weird festival that attracts locals and tourists. Below are the six weird Asian festivals that will make your stomach turn.


Crucifixion in Philippines

Crucifixion - Philippines

Being the sole Catholic country in Southeast Asia, most of its festivals are anchored to their patron saints. People of Brgy. Cupang, Pampanga re-enacts the “Passion of Christ” and some devotees are being crucified.

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Kanamara Matsuri in Japan

Penis festival - Japan

This may appear as a big bachelorette party with all the flying penises around. Kanamara Matsuri includes a parade of giant phalluses in order to drive away evil demons.


Mud festival in South Korea

Mud festival - South Korea

South Korea stressed the importance of clear skin. Locals and tourists go to mud flats and cover their body with mud as it is believed that the mud benefits the goers with good skin.

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Dress up corpses in Indonesia

Dress up the corpses festival – Indonesia

You may mistake this festival as zombie apocalypse, but once every three years, Indonesians take out their dead relative and dress them up in order to bring good fortune to the family.


Dog meat festival in China

Dog meat festival - China

Natives of Yulin, China eat 10,000-15,000 dog meat that sparked anger and frustration from animal lovers worldwide.


Vegetarian festival in Thailand

Vegetarian festival – Thailand

While it sounds harmless, this festival includes self-mutilation through needles and swords pierced through the body. Devotees believe that God enters the holes to get rid of evil from their bodies and bring good fortune to the society.

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