Duterte blasts Obama to hell, EU to purgatory

Duterte blasts Obama to hell, EU to purgatory

- President Rodrigo Duterte has reacted to the US refusal to sell arms by blasting Mr. Obama to hell and EU to purgatory

- The statement came as the Philippines and the US begins joint military exercises

- The US claims to have "strong alliance" with the Philippines, however, the Philippines seem to be inclined towards severing the ties

"Mr. Obama, go to hell. The EU can go to purgatory because it is crowded in hell," says an incensed Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday, October 4.

This newest tirade to the US President had come after the President received yet another criticism for his violent drug campaign which has resulted in death of approximately 3,000.

In his speech before the local officials and business executives, Duterte has made known his disappointment with the US which he tagged as an 'unreliable ally'.

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He also briefly mentioned that the US has refused to sell weapons, and warned that if the US will not sell them, he will buy from China and Russia instead.


President Rodrigo Duterte Photo credit: Bloomberg

He clarified that both China and Russia had expressed willingness to sell arms to the Philippines, despite the controversial drug war.

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Duterte had also stated the possibility of severing ties with the US, though the US had made it clear that no changes had been made with the bilateral ties between the two countries.

John Ernest, White house spokesman, had maintained that the two countries are still in good terms with open diplomatic lines between them.

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