11 ways on how to be like Maine Mendoza

11 ways on how to be like Maine Mendoza

- Maine Mendoza has easily made her way into the Filipinos’ hearts

- With her steady career in showbiz, Maine proves to us that she’s here to stay

- Since millions of fans aspire to be like her, here are simple tips on how to be like Maine

Nobody expected for Maine Mendoza to make it big when she took on the role of Yaya Dub on “Eat Bulaga” last year. Who would think that way when all she did was lip sync with songs and fan herself during the Juan for All, All for Juan segment.

But life took an unexpected turn for this young lady who instantly gained global popularity in just a span of several days.

At present, Maine has become an icon and an inspiration to many. Not to mention, her continuous rising career in the entertainment industry – with numerous endorsements under her belt and upcoming projects.

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We just can’t get enough of our very own Yaya, and if there’s even just little ways on how to be like her then sign us up!

1. Record a Dubsmash

This simple app was what started it all. Maine initially earned her fame when her hilarious Dubsmash videos made their rounds on various social media platforms. If you can’t make it as funny as hers, then don’t even think about proceeding on this list!

2. Still be pretty amid a wacky pose

Maine has never been one to be highly conscious of herself. This is probably one of the thousands of reasons why Filipinos adore her since she knows how to be ridiculous and not be embarrassed about it. Besides, there’s no reason to feel shy when she’s still gorgeous while doing so.

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3. Do the pabebe wave

Of course, who could forget her signature move when she’s trying to look appealing to Alden back then when she still couldn’t speak on Kalyeserye?

4. Wear red lipstick

If you’re up for it, you could even put an apron on and bring a fan with you always. But if you’d like to keep your attempts subtle, then rush to the nearest store and purchase a flattering shade of red lipstick.

5. Have 3 supportive lolas

Let’s not miss the vital roles of her grandmothers in her life. Actually, rather than lolas, why not say family? Be it as Yaya Dub or Maine, she’s extremely fortunate to have her back by loved ones.

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6. Rock the full bangs

While a lot are fearful of change and a dramatic makeover, Maine shows us that she can carry herself – with or sans fringe. So remember that the next time your hair’s cut a little shorter than how you wanted it to be, just work it, girl!

7. Have a poem dedicated to you

Okay, so maybe this isn’t simple since this entailed an internationally acclaimed author writing a poem for Maine. But it’s not entirely impossible for someone to devote their work for you, right?

8. Travel in style

You don’t have to fly all the way to a foreign country just to prove you’re fashionable. Think about Maine, whether she’s in Japan or in some barangay in the Philippines, she displays her stylish yet comfortable taste in clothing.

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9. Still be trendy despite the ragged look

So maybe Maine took it way too far this time. Even dressed as a beggar, she did not miss the chance to don those stunning pair of stilettos – despite not looking like it belongs to the ensemble!

10. Enjoy the salty water

Beach trips are probably mandatory in Maine’s lifestyle – spontaneous or not. Thank you for blessing us breathtaking photos while you’re having fun with your free time, though!

11. Have someone like Alden by your side

Alas, how can you be Maine without the other half of the immensely popular love team, AlDub, by your side? We’re not saying that she can’t stand by herself, it’s just that it’s better when they’re together. Like peanut butter and jelly, yes?

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Maine continues to be a mainstay on “Eat Bulaga” and is currently working on a teleserye with Alden Richards.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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