Gordon criticizes Duterte’s careless statements

Gordon criticizes Duterte’s careless statements

- Senator Gordon criticized President Duterte for talking too much and too carelessly

- Gordon urged Digong to just act and use his power as the President to fight crime while avoiding talking too much to the media

- The senator added that the President should act more like a statesman

Senator Richard Gordon has broken his silence regarding the recent pronouncements of President Rodrigo Duterte which made international headlines for the wrong reasons.


Gordon (Photo: PhilStar)

According to the senator, the President is just talking too much to the media.

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He explained that the country’s leader should express his anger towards criminality but talking in public about killing criminals has a negative impact on both him and the entire nation.

“Nadadapa siya sa kanyang espada (he is falling on his sword) dahil salita siya ng salita (because he talks too much) napagbibintangan tuloy ang buong bansa na ‘yan ang nangyayari (which causes suspicions that it is what is really happening in the entire country),” Gordon explained.


Duterte (Photo: Inquirer)

Instead of speaking his mind to the press, the senator urged the controversial leader to just order the security forces of the country to investigate and arrest the criminals in the country.

Gordon added that the country’s citizens have a duty to correct and criticize bad statements from public servants. He also reminded the President of his duty to be diplomatic and a statesman for the sake of the nation.

He also assured international groups that the situation is under control, proven by the fact that the Senate is already making a probe regarding the alleged extrajudicial killings.

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Netizens applauded the senator for his tough stance against the President’s damaging statements.

“Si Dick talaga ay patas at walang inuurungan. Matalino rin siya mag komento,” a netizen posted.

(Dick is really fair and courageous. He also comments with intelligence.)

On the other hand, other netizens said that the politicians should just allow the President to lead the Philippines however he wants to.

“Binoto si Digong ng milyon milyong Pinoy. Dapat hayaan natin siya magsalita at umaksyon at wag puro banat laban sa kanya,” an online user said.

(Digong was voted by millions of Filipinos. We should then allow him to talk and act the way he wants to and we should stop criticizing him.)

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Source: Kami.com.ph

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