6 dreamy photos of Daniel Padilla to make you kilig

6 dreamy photos of Daniel Padilla to make you kilig

- Daniel Padilla has easily captured the hearts of viewers with his astig style and killer looks

- His numerous portrayals on TV and on the big screen with Kathryn Bernardo earned him millions of fans and admirers

- Even though we ship KathNiel, here are reasons why we’d rather have him for ourselves

We’ve seen him as the irresistibly cute Joaquin on “Got to Believe” and the alluring Angelo on “Pangako Sa’Yo,” but we still can’t get enough of the fine man that is Daniel Padilla.

A huge factor that draws people into him could be attributed to all the kilig he and Kathryn Bernardo, the other half of the popular love team KathNiel, bring to the audience.

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While we like to keep them together for more years from now, there are still many reasons why we want to snatch him from Kath. Sorry, girl!

1. When he looks obviously happy

It looks like DJ was trying to keep his composure but completely failed on this one. We can’t blame him, receiving an award says something about his lauded talent in acting but still being gorgeous while doing so? We didn’t think it was possible until this.

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2. When he looks masungit

Although this should be the time to slowly back away and rethink of the possible things you have done to annoy him, you’d probably just stay frozen on the spot and stare at him all day. Dang, why do those shades have to get in the way!

3. When he’s still handsome despite those wacky faces

Gwapo is what instantly comes to mind regardless of the facial expression he’s showing. He could cross his eyes and flare up his nostrils but we would still fawn over him. Ugh.

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4. When he looks good with very casual clothes

They say you’ll know if a man is truly beautiful when he remains to be one even with simple clothing. Well, Daniel has no problem proving it right! Honestly, we’ve seen him with a jersey sando and shorts on “Crazy Beautiful You,” but did that lessen his appeal? Aye, you get the point.

5. But oh my goodness, when he suits up

Okay, we’re starting to think this is unfair how there’s only one Daniel Padilla in the world. What a lucky girl you are, Kath. We don’t even know we’re to begin with this one.

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6. When he can’t keep his hands off Kath

This is the part where we start to regret why we weren’t born as Kathryn Bernardo. Really, how can you keep calm while he’s so affectionate with you – often holding your hand and giving you hugs? Our KathNiel hearts are dying out of pure adoration.

Bonus photo of Kath living our dream:

Daniel Padilla’s latest movie, “Barcelona: A Love Untold,” has achieved a blockbuster success and continues to be shown in theaters nationwide.

Source: KAMI.com.gh

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