8 reasons you should sign up as Pia Wurtzbach’s fan

8 reasons you should sign up as Pia Wurtzbach’s fan

- Pia Wurtzbach is currently on a roll, with her hectic and enviable lifestyle

- Hence, our reigning Miss Universe just gives us more reason and why we should look up to her

- Among are her inspiring causes and versatile modeling skills

Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach is nearing the end of her reign, yet she continues to strive hard as the confidently beautiful with a heart woman she is.

A lot has been going on with our queen. Lately, she’s been taking over the fashion industry by storm with her stunning magazine covers and shoots. Not to mention, doing so while juggling her personal affairs – cue the questions for her current love interest (yes, we’re assuming), Marlon Stockinger.

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So while Pia is at the peak of her career, let’s enumerate all the obvious reasons why you should officially declare yourself a fan – if you’re not yet one.

1. She works for numerous good causes

The night she was crowned, Pia made it clear that she wanted to fight against the ignorance of the people regarding HIV. But that’s not the only thing she’s spending her time on. Her alternative account as the Miss Universe shares her adventures on various causes such as the cleft charity, Smile Train, and the Happy Hearts Fund that builds classroom to disaster-stricken areas among many others.

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2. She teaches you how to achieve the title-worthy makeup

It’s normal that Pia would have her own glam team for prestigious events, but it won’t hurt that she is knowledgeable on the field of prettying herself up, right? She’s even willing to share some tips on how to achieve her looks – thank you, girl!

3. She looks just as good being au natural

But seriously, after seeing this blank canvas face of Pia, we’re wondering why she finds the need to even apply makeup? To put it simply: our queen is effortlessly gorgeous!

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4. She rocks any kind of look

Whether the theme requires her to be a tough chic or a glamorous lady, Pia doesn’t fail to deliver. There’s not a single angle where she looks less captivating – regardless if she sports chopped hair or soft lights, everything’s ethereal with Pia.

5. She and her pageant friends are squad goals

There’s nothing like having the people surrounding you supportive of your cause and are true angels. Her BFF Olivia Jordan and current Miss USA Deshauna Barber prove that they remain by Pia’s side through the ups and downs!

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6. She has a sense of humor

Amid her busy life, Pia has proven countless times already that she knows when to take a breather and have fun. It doesn't need to entail a getaway to a tropical island, our girl enjoys herself wherever and whenever!

7. She loves Jollibee

If this does not win you over, then we don’t know what else you need. Although she’s miles and oceans way from her homeland, Pia shows us that her love for the Pinoy fast food chain won’t diminish.

8. She’s Miss Universe

Our queen ended the Philippines’ drought. Need I say more?

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Pia is a Filipino-German, who started in the entertainment industry as an actress, eventually being a host and writing for Philippine Daily Inquirer before she joined the pageant world. It took her three tries before earning the Binibining Pilipinas title, and was crowned Miss Universe 2015 a few days before Christmas last year.

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