Mall-goer scared to death by OSVR horror game

Mall-goer scared to death by OSVR horror game

- A video showing a mall-goer trying out an OSVR game went viral on social media

- The man was so scared that people gathered around him while watching his epic reactions

- The video has already been viewed more than 1.3 million times on Facebook

Many mall goers become instant internet sensations through singing in karaoke demos and grooving in "Just Dance" machines on arcades.

But one guy who seemed to be so much thrilled with an Open-Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) game called "Dread Eye" became the talk of the town in social media.

A certain John Valencia posted a video of himself on his Facebook account while trying out the game in SM Sta. Mesa. He wrote: "Sa mga matatapang dyan. Etong larong to para sa inyo. Hahahahaha! Matapang ako pero dito tumiklop ako."


Mall-goer tries horror game (Photo from

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(For those who are brave enough, this game is for you. Hahahahaha! I am brave but this turned me into a coward.)

The video shows a spit screen where Valencia was projected and the other half shows what he sees through the OSVR. He was so into the game that he tend to react like everything he could see was actually happening around him.

Other curious mall-goers started to gather around Valencia and were entertained on his funny reactions of horror. Some were even heard laughing while he was in full terror.

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Facebook users were also entertained with the video and was amazed by the game. One netizen said: "Saan kaya makaakuha ng copy ng vid na pinanood ni kuya? Gusto ko try s vr box nmin."

Another netizen dared his friend to try the game: "Mar! Di ba matapang ka. Meron nito sa mall malapit sa amin. Game ka? Try naten hahah!"

One netizen said that people who have played "Resident Evil" when they were still young would probably not get scared by the horror game: "kung nakapalaro k ng resident evil noong bata k plng at di ka natakot, bale wala na sayo ang mga larong ganto ngaun. hehe."

The video already gained more than 1.3 million views on Facebook with more than 37,000 shares.

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