8 noteworthy resemblances between Kathryn and Nadine

8 noteworthy resemblances between Kathryn and Nadine

- Kathryn Bernardo and Nadine Lustre have been both scrutinized by the public for sharing similarities

- While some declare that they look alike, there’s more than what meets the eye for these two

- Here are 8 things both have in common through their Instagram posts

Kathryn Bernardo and Nadine Lustre have truly gone far in terms of their success in the entertainment industry. From teeny bopper roles, both have landed more mature projects and fans have more to look forward to in the future.

However, with the two being under the limelight for several years and counting, it is no longer a surprise that comparisons between them would surface.

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While some argue on who’s better than whom, these duo show that they share more similarities than you expected – lifted from their posts on their personal Instagram accounts.

1. Instagram feed goals = flat laying

Though some may ridicule this kind of style, it remains to be one of the classics and clean ways to lay out your subject. Kath and Nadine jumped on the trend and tried their hand on the flat laying game – with none other than their magazine features, what else?

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2. Who let the dogs out?

We all know Kath is a self-confessed dog lover, and while Nadine has yet to take a photo with the puppy James gave her for her birthday, we’re satisfied with how adorable she looked with this pug from Seoul.

3. Cotton candy cuteness

Coincidence or not? Nadine took the photo when she flew to South Korea with best friend, Yassi Pressman. Meanwhile, Kath was also on a trip with her BFF Arisse de Santos in Japan when she snapped the moment – we wished she didn’t crop her face, though!

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4. Fun under the sun

Blatantly showing off your skin is too cliché! Nowadays, the trend is to show off your sexy back side when hitting the beach. Take it from our enviable ladies here.

5. Commendable taste in luxury brands

With all the work and sleepless nights they’re pulling, it’s only worthy that they treat themselves to brands they can obviously afford. But it seems that someone else beat the two of them into doing so – with those people knowing Kath and Nadine’s impressive taste in fashion.

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6. Dressing up for Halloween

Since Nadine’s birthday coincides with the celebration of Halloween, it’s only natural for her to put her best foot forward on dressing up. As for Kath, she’s also game for the annual occasion and even put on a stunning costume as Batgirl.

7. Selfie games are strong

These young women are known for their flawless magazine covers, billboards, and endorsement shoots. But how could they still look effortlessly beautiful just sitting on those steps?

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8. Both scream #RelationshipGoals

Known for turning Team Reel to Team Real, Nadine and James Reid have traveled to numerous foreign countries – leaving each with breathtaking photos. Meanwhile, Kath and Daniel Padilla have yet to openly admit their relationship but those affectionate gestures and sweet pictures already speak for what’s the true score between them.

Kathryn Bernardo’s latest movie, “Barcelona: A Love Untold,” continues to be shown in theatres nationwide and has been lauded by critics. Nadine Lustre currently stars on a TV series entitled “Till I Met You.”

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