9 reasons to fall deeper in love with Liza Soberano

9 reasons to fall deeper in love with Liza Soberano

- Liza Soberano is one of the brightest stars in the entertainment industry nowadays

- With her beauty and wit, she continues to prove that she deserves her fame

- Here are more reasons on how Liza would have a permanent place in our hearts

It is no secret that Liza Soberano is one of those stars whose shine would not dim any time soon.

With her continuous flow of projects and endorsements, the Filipina beauty has captured not only the hearts of the nation’s people but the attention from known personalities across the world as well.

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We won’t be surprised if Liza lands a role for an international film, or be even more sensationalized than she is now.

Here are 9 reasons why we should expect more from the only recently turned 18 lady!

1. She is the perfect endorser

It doesn’t take a genius to know how effective of an endorser she is – and she does it so effortlessly too! Aside from the commercials and billboards she appear in, the young actress also makes sure she does it personally by sharing them on her social media accounts.

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2. She looks like a supermodel even during her candid moments

Who could still look drop dead gorgeous dressed in casual clothes and in simple poses? These are not just Instagram worthy photos; they deserve to be on the centerfold of a prestigious magazine! We’re starting to think there’s no bad photo of Liza.

3. She looks beautiful – regardless of hair style

Remember her messy curly mane back during her Agnes days? Then come her first film with Enrique Gil to which they tried to make her look ugly (they failed, obviously), and then her more recent projects where she donned enviable looks. Nothing could make Liza lose her appeal, even if you try to chop off her hair and make her wear oversized clothes – none, we repeat: none.

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4. She speaks her mind

Haters, what? Liza does not back down whenever she finds or reads something that crosses the line. Stunning and fierce – show them what you’re made of, baby girl!

5. She’s the new tourist destination of the Philippines

No, seriously – she is. Lately, she has been the talk of the town with how the recent international artists look for her when they performed in the country. She was able to get backstage passes with The Vamps who personally invited her, Charlie Puth whose tweet to her made headlines, the Chainsmokers declaring to be in a love triangle with her, and Selena Gomez who said she was ‘beautiful.’ How to be you, Liza?

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6. She’s downright humble

Nevermind that she has been hailed as a living goddess, Liza insists that she does not see herself to be as beautiful as how fans and other people depicted her to be. In fact, she even becomes embarrassed when someone compliments her!

7. She eats chili pepper for fun

This month, she entered the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) house as a guest. Big brother found out one of her quirks, which was her unbelievable habit to eat chili pepper as a snack, and asked her to challenge one of the housemates. Let’s just say it was an easy feat for her.

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8. She has a wonderful voice

Besides her lauded talent in acting, Liza showed that she also deserves a spot in the music industry through her song, “Spark,” which is a part of the “Dolce Amore” soundtrack.

9. She takes cute couple photos with Quen

Put two breathtaking people together and what do we get? A power couple.

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Liza was first noticed when she played as the love triangle to Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo on “Must Be Love” and “Got 2 Believe.” Her biggest break was when she landed the role of Agnes on “Forevermore,” there she began to earn numerous endorsements and projects.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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