13 things that make Jollibee your ideal type of guy

13 things that make Jollibee your ideal type of guy

We all have our own preferences when it comes to guys that we want in our lives. Some girls want romantic guys, bad boys, gentlemen, spontaneous guys, and even the “maginoo pero medyo bastos” kind.

You may be wondering why you still haven’t met ‘the one.’ Well, look no further. The guy you’ve been looking for has been around the block all this time! You may not have known it yet, but all the good qualities you’ve been looking for in a man can be found in the Philippines’ favorite bee, Jollibee!

1. Trustworthy and reliable

Jollibee is always there for you during your darkest hours. He has been there when you went through your breakup, your first failure in school, or just any bad day in general.

2. Always Jolly

Just seeing his smiling face brightens up anyone’s day. It is so infectious that even the grumpiest person you know will start to smile! “Bida ang saya” when you’re with him.

3. Great with kids

Kids of all ages, personalities, and temperament levels all love him! He can make them stop crying and start smiling and laughing just by entering the room. He’d make a great dad, don’t you think?

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4. Great with parents

You won’t have to worry about your parents not liking him because of his charms. He can swoon your parents with just his smile, funny antics, and a bucket of Chickenjoy. They will approve of him for you, we’re sure of it.

5. You won’t ever go hungry

With Jollibee around, you can eat all the food you want without ever being judged. He likes you for who you are and he wouldn’t care how many mountains of rice you eat or how you turn top your rice with so much gravy that it basically looks like soup.

6. Approachable/ Sociable

Your whole family will approve of him, heck even your entire clan! Jollibee is well liked by many people because he’s so easy to talk to. You can even hug him and he won’t mind at all.

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7. Great dancer!

He may be chubby but he’s light on his feet! Jollibee can beat you at a dance competition if he wanted to. He can do hip-hop, stunts, backflips, splits, breakdance, and many more!

8. Tall, red, and cute

Jollibee is definitely someone you can brag about to your friends. He’s tall, red, and cute that makes him a standout from all of your friends’ boyfriends.

9. Proudly Pinoy

Sometimes, when he’s not wearing his usual red outfit, he wears a barong tagalog. He does look mighty fine wearing that, though.

10. He has big feet…

You know what they say about guys with big feet, they’ve got a big … heart! He has lots of love to give to you.

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11. Big Butt!

Not only does he have big feet, he also has a big butt! Don’t you just want to squeeze those plump buttocks?

12. Willing to wait

At this point, you’re so interested in him that you’re willing to wait for him like you’re willing to wait for your Chickenjoy order (thigh part) even if takes 20 minutes.

13. You already love him

You just crave for Jollibee all the time. You miss him when you can’t have him and you just can’t seem to get over him no matter how hard you resist.

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