Nakakawalang-gana! Witty Duterte says he loses his appetite when seeing De Lima’s sex video

Nakakawalang-gana! Witty Duterte says he loses his appetite when seeing De Lima’s sex video

- President Rodrigo Duterte remarked that he lost his appetite when talking about the alleged video of Senator Leila de Lima having sex

- The president made this statement after being asked if he had an interest on the Senator because of his continuous attacks on Senator De Lima

- Instead, President Duterte issued a stern warning at De Lima, saying that she should watch her back for all the allegations against her

Senator Leila de Lima questioned President Rodrigo Duterte if he was interested in her romantically, given that he continuously threatens her. In response, Duterte said that he loses his appetite whenever he watches the sex video of the Senator.

Senator Leila De Lima

Furthermore, the President issued a warning to De Lima. He said that she is facing serious charges in relation to allegations that she is involved in the illegal drug trade.

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According to the President, the illegal drug trade in the Philippines is one like the scenes described in the book The Cartel by Don Winslow and Ganster Warlords by Ioan Grillo. The book depicts the battles of the government against enormous drug cartels in during the Mexican-American drug wars spanning a decade.

The President says that the level of crime in the Philippines due to drugs is one that surpasses the scenarios in The Cartel.

Duterte has warned De Lima for her interference in his fight against drugs.

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The President also added that he is not a prison guard nor a motorcycle cop. Therefore, he is definitely not sexually nor romantically attracted to the senator. Duterte was referring to the alleged affairs Senator De Lima had with a bodyguard and a motorcycle security escort.

Many netizens had the same reaction with the President.

Helmi Tawasil said, "Ito pala ang second job ni De Lima, hindi lang ako segurado kung masahesta o jockey ng horse racing. Enjoy na enjoy siya dito sa Pangalawang tragaho niya."

(So this is the second job of De LIma. I didn't know she liked horse racing. She is really enjoying her second job.)

Nakakawalang-gana! Witty Duterte says he loses his appetite when seeing De Lima’s sex video

Screenshot from facebook

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Genoso Cabilla said "Adultery is the cause Corruptions in the Government Officials just to Provide Two or More families. that is the point of our president."

While many are skeptical the the sex video is true, many believe that Senator Leila Delima has lost all honour.

Many are also calling for the Senator to step down from her position in the Senate. According to her critics, she does not deserve to hold a government position given her alleged video.

Currently, the Senate is deliberating on whether or not it is morally justified to present the video before the House Committee on justice.

Senator Alvarez says that the video should be shown to the public so that the people can know the truth. Moreover, Secretary of Justice Aguirre said that he is in possession of three videos that could link Senator De Lima to having affairs with Dayan. Therefore, the Senators argue that showing the video could help prove De Lima of being guilty of having a romantic relationship with her driver.

However, Senators like Grace Poe says that there is no precedence to show the video. Senator Drilon also supported not showing the scandalous video as he called fellow lawmakers to respect the dignity of fellow legislators.

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