Cebu Pacific attendants save Italian passenger's life

Cebu Pacific attendants save Italian passenger's life

On September 27, Cebu Pacific passengers witnessed a miracle as the cabin crew successfully revived a passenger suffering from a cardiac arrest.

The passengers aboard Cebu Pacific flight 964 were on their way to Manila from Davao City on Tuesday. Little did they know that their lives are going to change forever after Ralph Perez and his team save a 69-yaer-old man from dying.

The passenger on zone C suffered a cardiac arrest just five minutes before the Airbus A330 was to descend. The old man no longer had a pulse, and he was no longer breathing.

Cebu Pacific attendants save Italian passenger's life on air

The team who saved a life (Photo: Wings Privelege)

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It was later on discovered that the Italian passenger had already undergone medical procedures before.

CCS Jeng Zarate together with flight attendants Lisha Laconico, Kat Chetandas, and Sam Beltran and flight steward RK Galang immediately did what they have to do. They were supervised, of course, by team leader Perez.

Laconico and Chetandas immediately rushed to the passenger in need while the rest made sure other passengers remained calm and seated. Laconico then took the Automated External Defibrillator. At the same time, Chetandas applied CPR. Miraculously, after 14 cycles, the old man had a pulse, and he began to breathe again.

After the plane made a full stop in NAIA, the Italian patient was immediately given medical attention.

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It was all thanks to the cabin crew. If it weren’t for them, another life would have been lost, and it would have been another heartbreaking story to tell.

The community of flight attendants, stewards, and other members of the crew are hoping that stories like this would help change the way we see these people. May this story encourage passengers to treat them with dignity and respect as they are not just some “glorified flying servants” waiting to see another part of the globe. -Kami Media

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