12 reasons why Marlon Stockinger is better than Dr. Mike

12 reasons why Marlon Stockinger is better than Dr. Mike

For a few months now, Pia Wurtzbach and Dr. Mikhail ‘Mike’ Varshavski has been dating on and off. Rumors have been going on that the two have finally parted ways, as they aren’t seen in any photo or video online.

The reason may be because Pia is seeing someone new! Miss Universe 2015 posted a photo on her Instagram account that made netizens speculate. Fans gushed over the intimate photo of Pia Wurtzbach and racer Marlon Stockinger because they looked very close to each other.

Queen P doesn’t have any statements yet regarding this issue. Whether she’s dating him or not, here are 12 reasons why we think they’re perfect for each other and why we think Stockinger is better than Dr. Mike.

1. He’s also a Filipino!

Marlon’s father is Swiss while his mother is a Filipina. That’s why he’s a superbly good-looking man, thanks to his parents’ genes. The best thing about him being Filipino is there won’t be any communication barrier. Pia doesn’t have to translate anything, and Marlon would already know how Filipina girls are.

2. Can drive her anywhere

He’s a racecar driver with various records of wins from championships. Marlon can drive Pia around in style during their dates. And as they say in Filipino, “basta driver, sweet lover.”

3. Very close to his brother

Just like Pia is close to her sister, Marlon is also very close to his siblings. He regularly treats and bonds with his younger bro whenever he’s free even playing Pokemon Go with him.

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4. Dresses well

He may be seen wearing tracksuits and helmets most of the time, but whenever he’s out of it, he looks dapper. Just a black shirt, black shorts, some shades, and white shoes are enough for him to stand out of the crowd. Pair his effortlessly cool style with Pia’s fashion taste and we’ll surely have a powerful fashion duo.

5. Gym buff

Racing isn’t the reason why Marlon’s body looks good. His secret is hard work at the gym. Since Pia is also a gym buff, they can be gym buddies!

6. ABS!

Because of his dedication to staying fit, Marlon has one of the best abs you’ll ever see. He just oozes sex appeal.

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7. Personalized dinner dates

Pia may be a graduate of culinary studies but Marlon can cook up a personalized dinner for her. What’s better than good food? A good looking guy cooking the food and sharing the meal with him as well.

8. Family oriented

As a Filipino, Marlon also cares very deeply about his family. He treasures family time and sneaks in bonding time with them despite his busy schedule.

9. Dog lover

Naya is the name of his cute dog! Can’t we just be like Naya so he can also pet us?

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10. Clean shaven or rugged?

Any which way, Marlon looks good with or without facial hair. Clean-shaven, he looks like a really good boy but the facial hair just brings out his bad boy image.

11. Adventurous

When you’re with him, it’ll always be a good time. We can just imagine the spontaneous dates Pia and Marlon would go to: from backpacking across the world, biking, and exploring new cultures and delicacies.

12. Good with kids

The best part about him isn’t his sexy body or rugged looks but that kids like him! Plus points for being goofy and comfortable around him that means that one day he can be a great dad.

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Source: Kami.com.ph

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