8 times ToMiho coupled way better than you

8 times ToMiho coupled way better than you

- The couple, ToMiho, doesn’t fail to make us realize how good it is to be in love

- Their friendship started during a reality show and ended as a real-life relationship that was continuously adored by many people

- They were generous enough to share their journey on being a couple in national television

When Tommy Esguerra and Miho Nishida joined “Pinoy Big Brother” (PBB), they each have their own personal ambitions for doing so. What they didn’t realize was that their paths were about to be intertwined for the better.

This wasn’t the first time two strangers developed feelings for each other during the reality program. However, something this genuine and unique didn’t go unnoticed by the viewers of the show.

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That’s why when they decided to take their relationship to the entertainment industry, their supporters continued to have their back.

Here are 8 times when Tommy and Miho, collectively known as ToMiho, made us realize how great it is to have a treasured someone.

1. When Tommy was ready to cut his long mane to show his true intentions

Remember how we would sulk for days when the hairdresser cuts off more than an inch than what we wanted? Well, Tommy was ready to cut all of his hair just to prove how honest his feelings were to Miho. He was ready to be sued since his modeling contract entails how he was not allowed to chop off his long locks. In the end, it was just a test by his fellow housemates who were amazed by his sincerity.

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2. He courted her family first like a true gentleman

Miho already has a daughter named Aimi before she entered Big Brother’s house. That’s why it’s normal for her to be wary of her suitors in understanding her situation. With Tommy, Miho didn’t have to worry about it. He also showed nothing but respect for her mother whom he got permission from before courting her.

3. In addition to the pressure of courting someone, Tommy did it on national television

The couple didn’t escape the eyes of the public when PBB ended. They chose to take it their relationship to the next level on the noontime variety show, ‘It’s Showtime.’ During Miho’s birthday, he organized a surprise celebration with the help of their fans.

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4. They didn’t let any pressure influence their feelings for each other

Last December, they became a couple at long last when Miho finally realized that she felt the same way for Tommy with or without the cameras. Despite the pressure of being in the show, she assured him that the decision was solely hers.

5. They proved that a trip to Japan is a lot better when you’re with your special someone

Miho already has a lot of pleasant memories in Japan where she used to work before joining PBB. During their trip back to the Land of the Rising Sun, Tommy added new memorable experiences for her as they traveled as a couple.

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6. They flew all the way to California to strengthen their family ties

While Tommy already met Miho’s family before they even became a couple, the same can’t be said for his side of the family. Tommy’s relatives are residing in California and he only had the time to visit during his sister’s wedding. He took this as an opportunity to proudly introduce his girlfriend.

7. Preview makeup video

“My girlfriend/boyfriend does my makeup” challenge was done by many couples on YouTube already. But it takes a couple like ToMiho to make us realize how fun this challenge really is. Their easy banter and funny remarks made everyone happy and giddy at the same time.

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8. They’re definitely here to stay

At this point, the two of them doesn’t have anything to prove anymore on the sincerity and realness of their relationship. Their detractors don’t even stand a chance anyway because with ToMiho, what you see is what you get.

In the latest season of PBB Lucky 7, ToMiho will enter Big Brother’s house to give advice to the teen housemates especially since Nishida was the ‘Big Winner’ during her season.

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