Netizens mourn over Miriam Santiago’s death

Netizens mourn over Miriam Santiago’s death

- Miriam Defensor-Santiago, 71, has passed away

- Netizens were extremely saddened by the news of her death

- Many online users expressed their unending admiration for the politician they consider as one of the most brilliant and trustworthy in history

Miriam Defensor-Santiago, 71, considered by many Filipinos as one of the most competent and honest politicians in history, has passed away after years of battling cancer.

But it is not only her family and friends who are mourning over her death but also the many Filipinos whose lives she affected in a positive way when she was alive.

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Many Pinoys took to social media to express their heartbreak over the loss of the great public servant.

One netizen even narrated how he had to hold back tears inside a public utility vehicle after hearing about Santiago’s death. Another applauded the leader for being brave in the face of cancer.

Other netizens commented that she was one of the best politicians the Philippines ever had and that she would have made a fine President.

Several online users were also bitter, commenting that the corrupt politicians should have been the ones who died instead of Santiago.

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Many online users also shared their precious photos taken with the late politician.

Some netizens commented that they were disappointed with Santiago’s choice of running mate during the recent election but pointed out that it would not erase all of the good things she did for the country.

Other online users also expressed their hope that the late public servant’s legacy will never die among the Filipino people who loved her very much

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