7 reasons AlDub should be together

7 reasons AlDub should be together

- Since they’re already one of the biggest love teams in the country, AlDub can also be one of the real life celebrity power couples if they want to

- Their chemistry and fondness of each other even behind the cameras are some of the many reasons why fans root for them to end up together

- While their relationship status is still uncertain, the same can’t be said for their continuous rising careers

More than a year since their first meeting, the phenomenal AlDub definitely progressed from a split-screen love team to two of GMA’s most bankable stars.

There were a lot of naysayers who doubted their fame after Eat Bulaga’s event, ‘Tamang Panahon,’ which was held at the Philippine Arena. But after producing the box-office hit, ‘Imagine You and Me’ and with a teleserye of their own slated on 2017, it’s obvious that they’re here to stay.

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However, despite their success, both Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza denied being together. They’ve admitted their admiration for each other but we think they still need a little convincing.

That’s why here are 7 reasons why we think it’s time for AlDub to shift from a love team to a real life lovely couple.

1. Their chemistry is off the charts

This is the same reason why despite not meeting each other for nearly 3 months, they’ve still managed to capture the attention of the entire nation. There were some apprehensions if the same can be said when they’re in the same room and the answer is still a big ‘YES.’

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2. They’ve already met each other’s family

This part of a relationship is a ‘make or break’ for any couple. The decision on whether you think the person you’re dating is special enough to meet the rest of your family can be tough. But for both Alden and Maine, this won’t come off as a problem because it looks like both of their sides expressed nothing but support.

3. They’re very protective of each other on and off cam

Since Maine has to visit barangays under any kind of weather, her reel-partner doesn’t hide his concern for her. When they’re together on the ‘Juan for all, All for Juan’ segment, Alden’s protective stance can already be spotted. The same can be said for Maine who never hides her concern for the actor and his packed schedule.

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4. Their series of getaway trips are already #CoupleGoals

Every once in a while we’re lucky to get a glimpse on what these two would look like if they’re actually dating. The first time was even posted by Maine herself when they drove to Tagaytay. The trip was planned by the show but their unguarded moments, however, is a different story.

The pair flew to Italy to shoot for their first movie but their photos taken behind the cameras didn’t fall short on making us feel giddy.

5. We, the world, don't exist when they’re together

The pair was admittedly awkward with each other at first. But after getting to know each other better, it’s hard to ignore the special relationship they now share. During their candid interviews, they would share an ‘inside’ joke and it’s as if the audience never existed and they’re just being themselves.

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6. On July 16, 2015, fate has already spoken for these two

The 16th of July will always hold a special place in the hearts of the people who have supported them from the beginning. Out of all those who auditioned, Maine Mendoza was chosen for the role of ‘Yaya Dub.’ And on that day, the Kapuso heartthrob’s hosting stint was almost done for the noontime show, until they’ve met and everything changed.

7. We will seriously stop believing in ‘forever’ if they don’t end up together

They’re both single. They have an undeniable chemistry. The whole country is rooting for them. They’re obviously fond of each other. JUST DO IT, ALDEN AND MAINE.

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Aside from hosting ‘Eat Bulaga’ daily, Richards now play a special role in GMA’s fantaserye,Encantadia.’ As for Mendoza, she continues taking over the Philippine advertisement industry with her record-breaking number of commercials.

Source: KAMI.com.gh

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