Everything you need to know about Duterte's speech in Vietnam

Everything you need to know about Duterte's speech in Vietnam

- President Rodrigo Duterte, upon arrival in Vietnam on Wednesday, September 28, included in his itinerary, a visit to the Filipino community in Hanoi.

- In his speech, the president outlined his programs back in the Philippines, and updated the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) in Vietnam about all the controversies

- He also reiterated his promises to the Filipino people, despite the drawbacks of the existing programs

President Rodrigo Duterte, during his speech on Wednesday, shows the different nuances of his personality as he addressed the Filipino Community (Filcom) in Hanoi, Vietnam.


Duterte addresses the Filipino community in Vietnam

Duterte had shown the Filcom in Vietnam how conventionally unconventional he is by once again doing away with his prepared speech. He called it "boring" and offered to give out copies so the crowd could read it, before proceeding to highlight his administration's programs back home. The President's statement had evoked cheers from the crowd, which prompted the President to humbly bow in return.

In case anybody missed it, Duterte also introduced himself as a country bumpkin from Cebu. He added that the members of his cabinet hailed from Davao City, the locality where he used to serve as mayor.

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The President, despite all the earlier altercations with the Catholic Church, also showed how devoutly religious he is, as he remembered to "thank God" that the communists have become more accepting when it comes to the government's proposal to "negotiate peace".


Duterte bows as the crowd cheers.

Despite the easier relationship with the communists, Duterte admitted to having problems with the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) in Mindanao. The President said that some Mindanaoan sectors are building alliances with the ISIS. He promised that he will not initiate nor accept any peace negotiation from the terror group during his presidency and added, ''I'd rather fight..."


Duterte sits with some members of his cabinet

The President then proceeded to paint himself as the whipping boy of the human rights advocates as he discuss his controversial drug war. According to him, he will not leave the presidency in shame by resolving the drug problems and not leaving the druggies to multiply. He promised not to count the dead bodies, but to order the police force to destroy all drug apparatus. As the controversial drug war was discussed, the President urged his critics to come to the Philippines and find liabilities on him.

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In keeping up with conventions, the President did not neglect to mention his verbal sparring partner, Senator Leila De Lima, when he introduced the Secretary of Justice Vitaliano Aguirre II. According to the President, Aguirre is De Lima's 'best friend', which earned cheers from his audience.


Everything you need to know about Duterte's speech in Vietnam

Duterte also explained the arbitral ruling on the West Philippine Sea (a portion of the South China Sea), and said, the Philippines' conflict with China is "imaginary".

Duterte's speech ended as he reiterates his promise to the Filipino people, saying that he will stake all that he has - his honor, his life, and his presidency - to fight for a clean government in the country.

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