13 unfulfilled promises of President Duterte

13 unfulfilled promises of President Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte has let go of many promises even before he won the elections last May 2016. Of all the promises, here are 13 that are yet to be fulfilled by the President.

13 unfulfilled promises of President Duterte

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte

Amend the Constitution

The President said that he is comfortable with having a 70-30 (foreign-PH) percent when it comes to foreign ownership. He promises to provide a lease that can be renewed over a period of 40 years. However, the catch is that if the foreigner leaves the country, he or she cannot pass such ownership to another corporation.

He said this during the Wallace Business Forum and intends to have this done within his term – 6 years. In order to make this a reality, the President plans to hold a convention that would aid in ratifying the constitution. As of present, foreign ownership is restricted in the country.

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Bury Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayan

13 unfulfilled promises of President Duterte

Duterte vowed to bury Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani because he was a soldier

This promise has been postponed time and again not because the President did so but because the majority of the Filipino people do not want it to happen. For Duterte, his point in allowing the late President Marcos to be buried in Libingan ng

Decentralize power

Even during the campaign period, the President has already been vocal in his intent to decentralize power through federalism. He said that he would start in Mindanao. There has been federalism forums happening in other parts of the country but Duterte believes he would be able to come up with a detailed proposal in the next 2 years.

Create a bank for OFWs

13 unfulfilled promises of President Duterte

Build a bank for the OFWs (Photo: PhilStar)

As of now, there is already a one-stop shop for the OFWs and other programs benefitting the OFWs have been implemented. However, the bank for the OFWs has yet to be fulfilled. He plans to have a bank in every country that the OFWs are working.

13 unfulfilled promises of President Duterte

Build OFW banks (Photo: PhilStar)

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Promote small-to-medium-sized enterprises

The President plans to shell in P1 billion for every region to help boost small- and medium-sized enterprises. His problem, however, is on educating the people that the said business shouldn’t be enough to feed their families only.

Open health stations in barangays, with resident doctors

He has vowed to use the PagCor funds to make fulfill this promise. He said that the PagCor funds can reach billions. This, he said, will be used for medications, hospitalization, and other health-related matters. He sees to fulfill this during his term.

Promote family planning

13 unfulfilled promises of President Duterte

Promote family planning to address the overpopulation problem (Photo: Grey.com)

The President has expressed his plan to have a 3-child policy. However, he also emphasized that family planning is beneficial for us as a nation. He said his plan on family planning has something to do about the country’s population problem.

There are 100.98 million people currently living in the country today.

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Legalize medicinal marijuana

President Duterte claimed that medical marijuana has become a vital ingredient in modern medicine breakthroughs. However, he also emphasized that using marijuana should only be for medical purposes. He will not tolerate those who will be using it as their daily form of cigarette.

Improve Internet connectivity

13 unfulfilled promises of President Duterte

The Internet connection in the PH is the slowest (Photo: Rappler)

Internet connectivity has been one of the most known problem that has affected the entire nation. He said that if Philippine Internet service provider will not step up their game, he will be opening his doors to the foreign service providers. He also intends to make Internet connection a public policy.

The Philippines is known to have the worst Internet speed around the world.

Solve traffic in Metro Manila

Many lawmakers have filed bills that would grant emergency powers to the President in terms of solving the traffic problem in Manila. However, the President himself has saif the there is no “silver bullet and magic” that could solve this problem immediately. This takes time.

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Build new railways and extensions nationwide

This may be related to solving the Manila traffic problem. The President said that doing this is his first big project. However, he is still open for partnerships as he is aware that the government has not enough funds for such big projects. He mentioned seeking the help of China.

Improve the income tax system

The President’s plan is to index tax to the inflation rate of the country. This would allow those who earn little to actually have more for their families and for their own.

Release all political prisoners

He said the freeing political prisoners is actually one of the ways in which confidence can be built. He is also aware that such way is not a nice way; however, he reiterated that no negotiation is considered nice. His action plan includes using the peace talks with militant groups as a precondition to let go of the prisoners. There is an estimated 543 political prisoners as of May this year.

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