13 photos of Scarlet Snow being perfectly charming

13 photos of Scarlet Snow being perfectly charming

- Scarlet Snow, daughter of Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho, has been under the limelight for a while now

- Her own Instagram account earned a following of over 435,000 already

- With her beauty and wit, it’s not a surprise that Scarlet captured the hearts of Filipinos

It seems that Dr. Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho were completely successful on passing their beautiful genes to their charming daughter, Scarlet Snow.

Now slowly gaining her own huge number of fans and followers, the rising social media sensation proved that there are tons of reasons why she deserves to be the talk of the town – even up to a few years later!

This adorable little girl has her own flair of making you want to pinch her cheeks and give her a hug because of all the cutesy things she do.

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Here are 13 proofs on how Scarlet not only stole the limelight, but our hearts as well!

1. When she already has her poses down at such a young age. We can totally see her being a supermodel in the future!

2. Stop it, baby girl! You’re already cute as it is without the elf costume. We don’t mind you dressing up every day even if it’s not yet Christmas season, but the amount of beauty is just too much to handle for our eyes!

3. Looks like Scarlet knows when to tough it up. She may be little and lovable, but she can show you another side of her too. Try not to be too cute while doing it, though – or else it won’t be as effective!

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4. We got ourselves an active student right here! A+ already for you, little one.

5. Matching outfits have never looked as endearing as this. You’re looking very fierce, Scarlet.

6. Oops! It’s okay, dear. Maybe daddy Hayden will be willing to pick those up for you. Actually, with your puppy dog eyes – it’s highly likely a lot of people will volunteer to do so.

7. Fearless Scarlet pets a snake! Need I say more?

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8. When she showed an interest in music. We’re looking forward to your future endeavors as a musician.

9. That time she wore a gown and looked like a princess out of a Disney movie. How can a little girl be more attractive than more than half of the female population?

10. You look like you just tasted the best ice cream in your life, Scarlet! We bet it was on your cheat day too.

11. Time to lose the extra calories you just gain. Only if you could let go of the hula-hoop, but props for you for being a darling in trying!

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12. Not yet done with your fitness regime? You’re already on your way on having that perfect summer body (yes, as early as September).

13. Did we flatter you too much, Scarlet? Don’t worry; we’re sure there’s a lot more where those came from!

Amid the speculations, Dr. Vicki Belo assured that she is definitely the biological mother of Scarlet – same thing goes for Hayden Kho. They shared that Scarlet was conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF) and how they both warmly accommodated the surrogate mother.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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