Bubble Gang airs funny ‘Hot Weather Report’

Bubble Gang airs funny ‘Hot Weather Report’

- Bubble Gang's segment “Hot Weather Report” left the netizens and the viewers laughing out loud

- The episode revolved around a couple and a TV weather reporter who seemed like he was watching the couple's every move

- The video uploaded on Facebook gained more than 500,000 views in less than a day

Being one of the longest running gag shows in the country, Bubble Gang never fails to make Filipinos laugh with their funny segments and punch lines.

In a bubble Gang special, a segment called “Hot Weather Report” has left the viewers and netizens entertained. In the beginning of the segment, actress Andrea Torres entered a room and flashed on the screen was a weather report announced by comedian Michael V. Andrea then started applying lotion on her legs when she noticed that the weather reporter seemed like he was watching her every move.

She dismissed the thought and soon, actor Paolo Contis entered the room. The announcer then announced a breaking news that a “strong typhoon” entered the country’s area of responsibility. Paolo and Andrea started cuddling and the reporter suddenly warned the viewers to be cautious and to keep safe.


Bubble Gang's "Hot Weather Report" segment (Photo credit: facebook.com)

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Michael V. soon mentioned that the typhoon’s name was “Rodel” which was apparently Paolo’s name in the segment. The couple started wondering but they continued what they were doing. They started going under the sheets and the reporter started asking if he could see what was happening under.

The segment was uploaded on Facebook which immediately went viral, gaining more than 500,000 views in less than a day. One Facebook user shared how he laughed hard while watching the video. He said: “Sumakit ang tiyan ko katatawa ang husay tlaga ng mga taga bubble gang!”

Another netizen commented: “sumakit tyan ko dito grabe makaboso tagos na tagos sa screen eh pati pangalan ng asawa alam ha ha ha!”

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One netizen praised the actor Michael V. for being a good comedian: “Buang talaga hehe.... ayos talaga pg c Michael v ang magdala hehe expressive talaga ay lhat my laman... ramdam q ung bagyo ay haha!”

Bubble Gang airs on GMA Network every Friday night.

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Source: Kami.com.ph

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