8 Greatest Filipino boxers in history

8 Greatest Filipino boxers in history

Many Filipinos know about current Pinoy boxers such as Manny Pacquiao and Nonito Donaire. But who are the other great Pinoy boxers of the past?


Pacquiao (Photo: PhilStar)

Here is a list of the eight greatest Filipino boxers in boxing history.

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao was a once in a generation athlete, a scary combination of speed, quickness, power and ferocity.

He was already a guaranteed hall-of-famer after beating legendary Mexican fighters such as Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales and Juan Manuel Marquez, but going up division after division and winning an unprecedented eight world titles in eight different weight divisions made him an all-time great.

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Gabriel “Flash” Elorde

He was not as powerful, as fast, as wild and as charismatic as Manny Pacquiao, but Elorde was more skillful and refined.

He did not conquer several weight divisions like Pacquiao did, but Elorde did something as impressive – being the longest junior lightweight champion in history, holding the world title for seven years.

Francisco “Pancho Villa” Guilledo

Pancho Villa was the Pacquiao of his day, earning a reputation as a crowd-pleasing fighter who likes to hurt and knock out his opponents. His brutal win over all-time great Jimmy Wilde cemented his legacy.

Unfortunately, the legendary Pinoy boxer passed away at a young age of 23 due to complications of a tooth extraction procedure.

Ben Villaflor

Villaflor was a southpaw like Pacquiao, but he was more of a brawler compared to the boxer-politician who liked to counterpunch and time his opponents.

His wins against Frankie Crawford and Raul Cruz are notable, and his iron chin was better than Pacquiao’s.

Luisito Espinosa

Unlike Villaflor, Espinosa had a shaky chin. However, his power, timing and awkward fighting style gave him world titles at the bantamweight and featherweight divisions.

Luisito is also known for being inconsistent, beating his formidable foes impressively while losing to opponents who supposedly had no business being in the same ring as him.

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Gerry Penalosa

Gerry was not known as a crowd-pleaser. He preferred to methodically break down his opponents instead of putting on non-stop pressure.

He was not as athletic as Pacquiao but his ring IQ was off the charts.

Ceferino Garcia

The fact that he was competitive against all-time greats such as Henry Armstrong and Barney Ross is enough to earn him a spot on our list.

This old-school fighter had a record of 102 wins, 28 losses, 12 draws and 74 knockouts. He is also the only Filipino fighter to have won the world middleweight title, the highest weight division a Pinoy has won a title at.

Nonito Donaire

The Filipino Flash is as fast and as quick as Pacquiao. He also has a one-punch knockout power which has destroyed world champions such as Vic Darchinyan and Fernando Montiel.

He has won world titles at four weight divisions – flyweight, bantamweight, super bantamweight and featherweight. Donaire’s career is far from over as long as he fights smart and do not rely excessively on his power.

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