9 adorable photos of Jake and Ellie together

9 adorable photos of Jake and Ellie together

- It has been finally revealed that Ellie Eigenmann’s father is Jake Ejercito

- The news instantly became a trending topic on various social media websites

- But it seems that Ellie doesn’t mind as she has always spent time with Jake even back then

Ellie Eigenmann’s biological father had probably been the biggest question in the entertainment industry for several years until Andi’s sister dropped the bomb – revealing the identity of the man in the least possible time we expected!

With the truth coming to the surface, we assume that most parties have made peace with the information and are just happy for the little girl to finally have the opportunity to spend the rest of her life out in the open with her dad, Jake Ejercito.

However, it seems that Jake already got the inkling that he and Ellie share the same blood. Just look at his Instagram feed! You’ll see how much he loves Ellie, even before learning the news.

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Ellie looks like she also feels the same way, and it’s pretty obvious how she adores staying by Jake’s side – a true daddy’s girl.

Here are 9 endearing photos of the duo that will make you say ‘aww!’

1. As a birthday greeting to Ellie, Jake referred to her as an ‘angel’ and his ‘love.’ To top it all off, the little one appears to be comfortable with him as she fell into a deep sleep in his arms. How cute!

2. It’s a fun day under the sun. These two would definitely pass for cheerleading tryouts as long as they’re each other’s partners. And we think you’d like to edit your caption, Jake – it’s no longer ‘little friend’ for you.

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3. Travelling must be one form of bonding for Jake and Ellie as they posed in front of an iconic graffiti along Haji Lane in Singapore. Stop staring at Ellie’s cuteness, Jake! You’ll make her melt!

4. Dressing up or dressing down is no problem for this daddy and daughter. They even gamely coordinated their outfits for Halloween – a sailor and a mermaid. This is the true goal!

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5. No matter how much time passes and Ellie’s continuous growth, Jake doesn’t seem to mind carrying her. We don’t think he’s willing to let go this privilege anytime soon.

6. Jake welcomed the year with a bang. He uploaded this photo of him stealing a kiss from Ellie’s chubby cheeks.

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7. Ellie must be a frequent visitor of Manila with Jake being her personal tour guide. But seriously, how could they both still look attractive by just sitting on a random bench?

8. Clingy girl alert! This pulled at our heart strings, especially with Jake promising to keep her ‘safe’ and ‘warm’ on his caption.

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9. We know this doesn’t count as a picture of them being together. However, this post followed Jake’s Twitter feud with Andi – giving us the idea that he might have wished for his time with Ellie not to be affected by their fight.

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At first, fingers were pointed towards Albie Casiño as Ellie’s father. However, speculations were silenced after Andi’s sister recently confirmed that they had undergone DNA testing and the results revealed Jake as the father.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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