24 Unusual ice cream flavors you can only find in the PH

24 Unusual ice cream flavors you can only find in the PH

When you ask people about their favorite ice cream flavor, you’d get tons of answers that include Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate. These are the basic ones that can be found in all of ice cream shops all over the world.

Some flavors like Rocky Road, Cookies N’ Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Coffee have also been the staple ice creams in most dessert places.

As the Philippines’ Department of Tourism’s tagline goes “It’s More Fun in the Philippines,” it also proves true when it comes to ice cream flavors.

24 Unusual ice cream flavors you can only find in the PH

In the Philippines, there are unique flavors that you can only find in the Philippines. Filipinos are very creative and imaginative so it’s not surprising that they also display their creativity in creating new and exciting flavors for ice creams.

1. Tinutong

Asians in general love eating rice. In the Philippines, every household eats rice during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Tinutong is when you overcook rice and the bottom part gets burnt and it turns into brown crunchy yet chewy rice. Who would’ve thought that Manila Creamery’s Tinutong ice cream would be a hit for it’s sweetness yet smoky taste from the tutong.

2. Mangga’t Suman

Mango and suman isn’t entirely a Philippine thing, because Thais also have their own version of this dessert. But turning it into ice cream is well, shows Filipino creativity.

3. Green Mango with Bagoong

You can see people selling green mango with bagoong (fermented fish) like hotcakes on the streets. The sourness of the mango paired with the saltiness of the bagoong is a classic hit for Filipinos. That’s what you’ll get with Sebastian’s ice cream version of this. You must be wondering, bagoong on my ice cream? Try it before you knock it.

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4. Champorado with Dilis

Champorado is a sweet chocolate dish usually served hot with condensed and evaporated milk. Filipinos pair champorado with salty fish like tuyo or dilis to elevate the dish even more. The sweet and salty combo is perfect for eating during rainy days. Sebastian’s cold version of this lives up the expectations.

5. Salted Egg

Salted egg or Itlog Maalat is used as an ingredient on many Filipino dishes. You can find it on top of bibingka and palabok and it’s also eaten with tomatoes, onions, and bagoong, as a sort of salsa. But now, it’s the main highlight as an ice cream.

6. Sapin-sapin

Sapin means layer in Filipino, so sapin-sapin means layers and layers. This traditional Filipino dessert has layers and layers of different colors and yummy taste. It is made from rice flour and coconut milk and it has the basic colors of violet (ube), red, yellow, and white.

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7. Tibok-tibok

Tibok-tibok is Pampanga’s version of Maja Blanca. It’s a white milky carabao’s milk pudding with latik on top.

24 Unusual ice cream flavors you can only find in the PH

8. Bibingka

Bibingka is usually eaten during the Christmas season. It’s a rice cake with salted egg topped with coconut shavings.

24 Unusual ice cream flavors you can only find in the PH

9. Puto bumbong

Another dish that is available during Christmas season is puto bumbong. It’s made with glutinous rice flour mixed with purple yam powder, which gives its distinct color. It’s best eaten with muscovado sugar and a cup of hot chocolate.

24 Unusual ice cream flavors you can only find in the PH

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10. Kamote-Q

You can find your favorite merienda in Alab restaurant’s ice cream. The sweet potato on the stick has magically transformed to a cold and sweet delicacy.

24 Unusual ice cream flavors you can only find in the PH

11. Laing

Another Alab masterpiece is the Laing ice cream. This dish originated from Bicol and it has dried taro leaves, coconut milk, and chili! It may taste like the real savory dish at first bite, but you’ll love it more on the second bite.

24 Unusual ice cream flavors you can only find in the PH

12. Turon

Turon is a common merienda sold on the streets. It’s easy to eat because bananas and jackfruit are wrapped with spring roll wrapper covered with brown sugar and then deep-fried altogether.

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13. Taho

The warm sugary goodness of taho just makes every morning special. Growing up in the Philippines, kids love eating this silken tofu with brown sugar sauce and tapioca pearls.

14. Malunggay

Malunggay has many benefits that Filipinos have realized lately. So turning it into an ice cream is a no brainer. Plus it looks good as a green ice cream!

24 Unusual ice cream flavors you can only find in the PH

15. Calamansi

This green small Philippine lime packs a powerful sour punch. We use it for various things like dips, sauces, and marinades but it’s actually really good in cold form as well.

24 Unusual ice cream flavors you can only find in the PH

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16. Kapeng Barako

Batangas is famous for their strong coffee called Kapeng Barako. After eating this, you’ll never eat those other bland coffee ice creams in the market again.

24 Unusual ice cream flavors you can only find in the PH

17. Sili

Bicol is known for their spicy cuisine. They have laing, bicol express, and binalot that truly packs the heat. Can you handle the heat of their sili ice cream?

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18. Sampaguita 

24 Unusual ice cream flavors you can only find in the PH

The national flower of the Philippines gets the ice cream treatment as well. You’ll smell its distinct fragrance when you taste this frozen treat.

19. Beer and Chicharon

Chicharon or crispy pork skin is best paired with an ice-cold beer. Well, did you know that you could eat them both as ice cream? Yes, anything is possible now.

20. Ampalaya

Bitter gourd may not have many fans because of its, well, bitterness, but give its ice cream version a chance.

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21. Tilapia

You may laugh at the idea of fish and ice cream blended together, but this weird concoction has won an International award.

22. Bangus

Another fish ice cream that has received positive reviews is this milkfish ice cream from Dagupan.

23. Durian with Crocodile Eggs

24 Unusual ice cream flavors you can only find in the PH

Durian ice cream made creamier with crocodile eggs. Yes, durian and crocodile eggs ice cream is a thing.

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24. Lechon

You’re not Filipino if you haven’t feasted and craved for the crispy skin of a well-roasted pig. You can eat this very fattening and health-damaging pig dish now in ice cream form. It’s a dessert and main course meal in one.

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