Light therapy helps increase men's libido

Light therapy helps increase men's libido

- A new study reveals that bright lights can help boost a man's sexual drive

- Men usually lose their interest in sex during winter due to dark lights

- The study is yet to be applied to a large male population

A new study suggests that shimmering bright lights actually helps men in terms of their sex drive as it actually boosts their level of testosterone as well as their level of satisfaction.

This study was made to help men who are above the age of 40 cope up with their sex life. It is believed that men who are in this age usually experience low sexual drive. Up to a quarter of men belonging to this age group, furthermore, be hit by problems that affect their sexual drive.

Scientists suggest that flagging sex drive might be a result of the amount of ambient light. This rings true especially during winter as it becomes darker. To test their theory, scientists shine daily doses of bright light at men and studied how it changed their libido.

Light therapy helps increase men's libido

Light boosts a man's sex drive. (Photo:

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Thirty-right men were recruited by the researchers at the University of Siena to be part of the study. These men should have low libidos.

Fifty percent of the sample population spent every morning for two weeks in a room with a light box, emitting bright white light at people and simulating the effect of more sun.

It has been found that these group of men found that their testosterone levels had gone up significantly. As a result, they become much more sexually satisfied.

"We found fairly significant differences between those who received the active light treatment, and the controls,” lead researcher Andrea Fagiolini said.

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Fagiolini and the team have strong reason to believe that there are several explanations to explain the underlying mechanism.

One of this reasons is that light therapy actually inhibits the “pineal gland in the centre of the brain and this may allow the production of more testosterone, and there are probably other hormonal effects.

"We're not yet at the stage where we can recommend this as a clinical treatment,” he added.

Nonetheless, if the treatment can be applied to a larger sample population, then they might have enough reason to push this therapy forward. For now, they are treating it with appropriate caution. -Kami Media

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