Did a 75-year-old fall victim to 'laglag bala'?

Did a 75-year-old fall victim to 'laglag bala'?

Did the modus 'Laglag Bala o Tanim Bala' strike back in Ninoy Aquino International Airport?

During the second screening, a bullet was supposedly found on 75 year old Salvacion Cortabista's shoulder bag as it was put through the final x-ray check.

An old couple Esteban and Salvacion Cortabista entering the airport terminal at around 9AM.  They were bound to U.S. with their two children.

In wheelchair was Salvacion Cortabista  and was assisted by a wheelchair attendant. In the initial x-ray screening conducted on their luggage, nothing eerie was found.

Officials at the airport allegedly found a .38 caliber bullet later on the final screening. Police Supt. Adolfo Samala Jr., PNP AVSEGROUP-NCR Chief said, "Kasi daw po dito sa initial (screening) mas maraming bagahe minsan nagpapatong patong, di agad nadedetect sa final mas madaling madetect kasi mas kaunti.

(There are incidents that screeners overlook illegal items inside luggages because of the large amount being screened unlike on final screening where items are less)."

The couple’s daughter was distraught by the events, and complained that her mother's bag went through two other x-ray machines without any trouble.

It is then that the public suspects the Modus Laglag Bala (bullets placed inside traveller’s luggage) is rehashed.

An inquest was held on Tuesday evening and the prosecutor decided to release Salvacion while an investigation on the incident is conducted. This prevented Salvacion from leaving the country and caused a lot of stress to the family.


Source: KAMI.com.gh

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