Amusing video by netizen pokes fun at De Lima

Amusing video by netizen pokes fun at De Lima

- A netizen has posted a video online poking fun at Senator De Lima

- De Lima has been on the hot seat for some time now after Sen. Pacquiao filed a motion to declare vacant the chairmanship and membership of the Committee on Justice and Human Rights

- Both De Lima and Pacquiao are neophyte senators

Several edited videos have been made regarding the recent happenings in the Senate. The recent one is perhaps the most amusing so far with it being entitled as “D’Boxer vs D' Lima.”

The video shows Senator Manny Pacquiao telling the members of the committee that the role of the senators is to cross-examine the witness and not to side with the witness, which, as Pacquiao puts it, is what De Lima has been showing so far.

What makes the video even more entertaining is the background music: “Leila lie. Leila lie. Leila lie. Leila lie.”

Amusing video by netizen pokes fun at De Lima

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The now-viral video has been viewed at least 2.5 million times and 81,786 shares. It also has 5,700 comments as of posting.

It can be recalled that the members of the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights were in a for a surprise last week after Senator Leila De Lima presented Edgar Matobato, a self-confessed member of the Davao Death Squad (DDS) who stood as witness against President Rodrigo Duterte.

Matobato has been insisting that the killings executed by the DDS were ordered by Duterte while he was still Mayor of the city.

Senator Pacquiao, amidst the controversy, has stood up and has surprised not only the members of the Senate but also the public. But the person he has surprised the most is Senator De Lima herself.

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Pacquiao’s move has also garnered a lot of praises from the public. One comment states:

"Sir Manny, di po kami nagkamali na botohin ka bilang Senador (Sir Manny, we did not make a mistake in voting for you as Senator). A few of my friends and acquaintances minamaliit po kayo nung nagdesisyon po kayo na tumakbo (A few of my friends actually belittled you when you decided to run for the Senate). But by the grace of the Lord, you've managed to clinch a spot in the Senate and you've proven to be a Senator that represents the masses. Salamat sa brave stand ninyo for truth (Thank you for being brave enough to stand for the truth). Academic intelligence, after all, can be overpowered by truthfulness and genuine compassion for the Filipino people.”

Another netizen said:

“He was judged by some due to his lack of degree, but at this instance, barely a few months as a senator he is doing better service to the country than supposed to be more educated lawyer, and others. D'boxer KO D'lima twice already.” -Kami Media

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