7 times Kathryn Bernardo proved she’s the true teen queen

7 times Kathryn Bernardo proved she’s the true teen queen

- Kathryn Bernardo may be busy but she still has a life outside the entertainment industry

- She spends time with her family and friends, and has downtimes as well

- Nevertheless, she remains to be teen queen even beyond your TV screens

With her allure and lauded acting chops, Kathryn Bernardo has easily worked her way into capturing the hearts of thousands of Filipinos.

Dubbed as the ‘Teen Queen’ of this generation, Kath proves that there’s more than what viewers usually see on the characters she portray both on the TV and the big screens.

This young lady is generous enough to share glimpses of her life beyond ‘Madam Baby’ and ‘Mia’ through her social media accounts – showing us how she’s relishing her days as one of the industry’s royalties.

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1. Kath hangs out with her friends

Despite her hectic schedule, she never forgets to unwind and reconnect with her friends. Whether it’s a spontaneous trip out of town or a fun pajama party, Kath knows how to make it extra special.

2. Kath is best buds with her little niece

If you have been following her for a while now, you’re probably aware how fond she is with Baby Lhexine – although she’s far from a baby already! This adorable child is a frequent on Kath’s Instagram. Looks like being gorgeous runs in the genes!

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3. Kath is an animal lover

Being a self-confessed dog lover, she even threw a party for them with her celebrity friends for her pre-debut celebration. But it looks like that not only the furry animals hold a special place in her heart, but other sorts as well!

4. Kath travels around the world

Although flying to different parts of the globe is included in her job description, she knows how to make the most out of the experience by injecting a bit of fun with it. Besides, all work and no play would make Kath a boring girl, right?

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5. Kath knows how to spend her downtime

Her envy-worthy figure is the product of her efforts at the gym! If she’s not busy building those abs, she’s probably out somewhere pampering herself. She surely knows how to take care of herself and how to inspire others on having a healthy life style, don’t you think so?

6. Kath loves to eat

A true queen is not afraid to gain some calories! Besides, we don’t think Kath’s ridiculously hot body could be out of shape anytime soon.

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7. Kath takes cute couple photos with DJ

Need I say more?

Kathryn’s recent movie, “Barcelona: A Love Untold,” has received good feedback from critics and is still showing on cinemas nationwide.

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