13 times Nadine Lustre’s IG photos made you want to travel

13 times Nadine Lustre’s IG photos made you want to travel

- Nadine Lustre’s Instagram feed has been branded to be #goals for countless times already

- Her social media account has given us a glimpse of her life and adventures, be it in the Philippines or around the world

- Among the places she has visited are Cebu, Dubai, Japan, and some places in the USA

Nadine Lustre has showed us that there’s more to her than her impressive acting chops. Aside from her successful projects one after another, she could also make a living out of her artistic side – particularly her skills when it comes to anything related to film.

Recently, she uploaded a captivating travel video with James Reid when they flew to San Francisco for their former series, “On The Wings Of Love,” shooting.

But there’s more! While we’re left waiting for the talented star to share more self-edited videos, we could indulge ourselves with her breathtaking Instagram feed which urged us to pack our bags and travel the world at some point.

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1. Baguio City

‘Comfort is style’ is what Nadine probably wanted to teach us during her vacation in the summer capital of the Philippines.

2. Tagaytay City

Although everyone have at least gone to Tagaytay one time, how come we did not have the chance to snap a photo as simple yet ‘IG worthy’ as this one?

She even makes it look easy to stand out and be fashionable in the middle of a large crowd.

3. Hundred Islands

Nadine showcased her carefree style when she had a good time frolicking with the salt water. Aside from her A+ beach attire, her photos also receive full marks from us!

4. Cebu City

This time around, the “Till I Met You” actress flaunted her curves with confidence with the beautiful scenery Cebu has to offer.

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5. Seoul, South Korea

After going local, Nadine wouldn’t miss the chance to bring her amazing photography around the world. Having her BFF Yassi Pressman with her to celebrate her 22 birthday (as Harley Quinn, mind you), the duo looked like they had a blast. 

6. San Francisco, USA

Is it safe to say that this is where their romance blossomed? No wonder Nadine’s photos are starting to look more inspired!

7. Napa Valley, California

How often do you have the chance to catch the sunset’s beauty and drive around in a top-off car? Not always, right? So you have to grab the opportunity and freeze the memory in time!

8. Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Have you already booked a flight somewhere by this time? Not yet? Well, maybe you will after seeing how gorgeous the sensational love team captured the beauty of snow during their stay in Lake Tahoe.

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9. Dubai

After professing their love for each other in a concert, the Team Real couple did not shy away from displaying their affections through their photos. Compared to their first visit to Dubai, they were closer and happier than ever.

10. Paris, France

JaDine has just upped their level and proved to us how they’re simply relationship goals as well when they travelled to the city of love. Could they be anymore cuter?! Actually, we already know the answer to that.

11. Japan

If you know Nadine well, you’re aware that she holds a certain spot in her heart for the Japanese culture – especially anime. So it’s not shocker that she claimed to have ‘almost cried’ upon witnessing cherry blossoms first hand.

12. New York City

The pair’s iconic photo at the Brooklyn Bridge is definitely one for the books. On second thought, it seems like all their photographs are iconic.

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13. Greece

We’re still waiting for more photos in this beautiful place, Nadine! But thank you for gracing us this heartwarming snap of you and your beau.

The couple’s love for filmography is apparent after they filmed and edited a travel video by themselves. Afterwards, they also published a book entitled “Team Real” that would allow fans and readers see their life and adventures through their snaps.

Source: Kami.com.ph

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