4 unmistakable proofs of KathNiel's blossoming relationship

4 unmistakable proofs of KathNiel's blossoming relationship

One of the most captivating love teams in showbiz - Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla - continues to make waves as their movie, 'Barcelona: A Love Untold', has strengthened their fan base due to the development of their relationship. 

In 2011, the two have been partnered with much success - they have starred in four teleseryes and five movies. However, their latest effort is different compared to their previous works since both showed a more mature side to them. 

Despite being touted as the most 'tweetums' pairing, the two have stepped it up not just in their career but also in their real-life relationship. Last July, the two admitted that they were exclusively dating. The film acts a receipt of their blossoming relationship and here are some pictures, mostly behind-the-scenes, that will make you a believer that KathNiel is indeed real. 

1. They have been more open about their relationship, picture-wise. 

It is evident that the two have bonded more while shooting in Spain for the film, which can be found in both Kathryn and Daniel's Instagram accounts. When they started out as a teen couple, the social media app was not that popular yet so there were only a few snaps of the two getting real sweet behind the scenes. Now that both are active users of Instagram, they use it not just to promote the film, but also to show that they are happy with each other's company.






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2. Their photos show that they are much more comfortable in each other's company.

Aside from sharing with their fans that they are enjoying spending time with each other while shooting the film, they have also revealed how relaxed they are as they go from one location to another. Others may think that most of their photos together are staged, but looking at their recent photos has made people think otherwise. Even Kathryn's mother has documented their relationship in her own Instagram account.




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3. The result of being paired for five years manifested well in the film. 

It is important to note that the progress of their relationship during the five years that they were paired is no joke - which Daniel attested to during the Grand Media Day of the film by the end of last month.

4 unmistakable proofs of KathNiel's blossoming relationship

KathNiel during the Grand Media Day of 'Barcelona: A Love Untold.'

(photo credit: starmometer.com)

"Ganito na lang. Basta kung ano 'yung nakikita n'yo sa screen, siguro sa tulong na din ng 5 taon iyon. Sa paano kami magtinginan ni Kathryn, dahil sa mga eksena syempre kailangan mo na may tingin ng pagmamahal diba...kasama iyon," he started, "Ngayon sa 5 taon, parang hinuhukay mo lang 'yung mga nangyari nung mga nakaraang taon na iyon and ilalabas mo sa eksena so ang laking tulong nung samahan namin si Kathryn[...]"

(Let's just put it this way. Whatever you see on screen, I think our five years of being paired together has helped. On how Kathryn and I look at each other since there are scenes that we have to look at each other lovingly, right? It is a part of our job. Now those 5 five years have dug up memories of the previous years and I have to get it out in every scene so being paired with Kathryn has truly helped.)

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4. The most-awaited kiss.

Fans of the reel couple have been longing to see the two kiss on the lips after enduring years of seeing them almost kissing each other. Their wish has been finally granted by director Olivia M. Lamasan. Daniel also said that the kiss was their gift to the fans who continued to support their love team after all these years.

4 unmistakable proofs of KathNiel's blossoming relationship

A screenshot of their long-awaited kiss. (photo credit: youtube.com)

Here is the trailer of the film, in case you missed it:

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Source: Kami.com.ph

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