19 ways Solenn Heusaff's hubby proves he's cute and funny

19 ways Solenn Heusaff's hubby proves he's cute and funny

Solenn Heusaff dated Nico Bolzico for four years before marrying him this year. Solenn and her Argentine husband got married at Combourg, France with all of their closest friends and family there to celebrate the occasion with them.

We have to admit that Nico Bolzico is a really handsome guy with a hot body to boot. But who would’ve known that this guy has a good sense of humor! Now we see why Solenn married him.

Here are some of his funniest online posts on Instagram:

1. Talent: Funny Guy

It’s so sweet how Nico admires his wife and all her talents. But it’s also cute to see that he’s very supportive.

2. From the wild

Clearly, this guy doesn’t care how he looks. Who would worry about that when you can still look as good as Nico while eating a dragon fruit with all the mess on his face.

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3. Never changing

After their wedding, photos from the event were finally released. There was one standout photo where Solenn was topless wearing a veil but she still looked elegant and very beautiful. Naturally, her husband imitated her but instead of a veil, he used plastic!

4. Stone cold

Nico proves that he just doesn’t write funny captions on his Instagram account but that he can also take risks in making jokes.

5. Bromance brewing

Nico shared a photo with best friend Adrien Semblat on it saying that he needed to have some bromance time and “some needed space from wifezilla.” Right after that, however, he wrote that he was just joking and that he misses Solenn.

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6. Heusaffs and Bolzicos

In this photo, Nico stated that he considers Anne a Heusaff already. This is possibly him hinting that Anne and Erwan should follow suit and marry already.

7. Out of control na!

Now that he married a Filipina, he is bound to pick up some Filipino words, phrases, and sentences that he’d be able to use frequently. He happens to love using “na” and adding it to English sentences.

8. Hot pants

It is unknown if he really did wear these “hot pants” to Yoga.

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9. Boobies!

Nico is such a joker!

10. Forced posts

According to him, Solenn has such great convincing powers that he is being “forced to post pictures like this.”


11. Simba

He’s also good with babies! Well, just as long as he doesn’t drop them.

12. #NoFilter

He claims that he used Instagram’s filters for this shot but we beg to differ!

13. Gym selfies

These two lovebirds just love working out together. They love taking selfies more, though.

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14. Forced caption

Nico should’ve been warned that Filipina girls are the alphas in the family. Just agree with your Filipina wife and your life will be happy!

15. Let me talk!

Recently, the two attended their friends’ wedding in Italy and they’re having the best time. Well Nico might be having such a great time that Solenn just wants him to not talk.

16. I love you except Sundays

Nico loves Solenn almost everyday just not Sundays because it’s Football day.

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17. Trying to be artsy

Nico tries to imitate the cool and artistic vibe of his wife. But gives up eventually.

18. Great tipper

Can you believe that these are all their luggages?

19. This is my shoot

Solenn, you’re blocking his light!

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