Grade 9 student killed by classmate in Laguna school

Grade 9 student killed by classmate in Laguna school

- A grade 9 student in Laguna lost his life after he got beaten up by his classmate with a steel object at school

- The victim was declared brain dead at the hospital and lost his life later

- The victim’s mother said that the suspect is allegedly a member of a high school fraternity which uses marijuana

A 14-year-old student lost his life at the San Pedro Relocation Center National High School in Laguna after his classmate assaulted him with a steel object.

Grade 9 student killed by classmate in Laguna school
Cortuna (Screengrab: ABS-CBN)

The Grade 9 student, John Mark Cortuna, only had a swollen right eye after the beating and did not even lose his consciousness after the attack. However, Cortuna later complained of body pains and was then rushed to the Philippine General Hospital.

A day after being admitted in the hospital, Cortuna was declared brain dead by his doctors. He passed away shortly thereafter.

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The autopsy report says that the student suffered a cardiac arrest as a result of the severe head, chest, and abdominal injuries he suffered during the attack.

Cortuna’s mother is now seeking justice for her son and denied the allegation that it was his son who challenged the suspect for a fight.

“Ang anak ko daw ang nanghamon, eh malaking tao siya (the suspect) sir,” she pointed out.

(They say that my son was the one who made the challenge, but it could not be because his classmate was big.)

Grade 9 student killed by classmate in Laguna school
Suspect (Screengrab: ABS-CBN)

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The grieving mother added that the suspect is a member of a fraternity which uses illegal drugs.

“May fraternity po sila sa high school, ‘Pamilya Pasaway.’ Ang sabi ng kaklase, marijuana ang ginagamit,” the mother alleged.

(They have a fraternity in high school, ‘Pamilya Pasaway.’ Their classmates say that the members use marijuana.)

The mother urged the suspect’s family to bring him to the authorities in order to face the consequences of his deadly actions.

This recent case of violence in school happened just a few days after another Grade 9 student in Cagayn de Oro stabbed his teacher to death for scolding him.

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