Vendor exchanges fresh fish with rotten ones

Vendor exchanges fresh fish with rotten ones

- A video of a woman vendor replacing fresh goods with rotten ones went viral on social media

- The woman was seen quickly swapping the chosen goods of the customers into something else before giving it to the customers

- The video already gained more than  163,000 views and more than 3,200 shares on Facebook

Many vendors nowadays are too smart that in order to earn money, they tend to deceive their buyers.

This  woman is an example of such. She replaces her buyers' fresh choices of fish with rotten ones like she has been doing this for a long time. In just a blink of an eye, the fresh goods that she was weighing and repacking were swapped with obviously rotten ones without being caught.

Be it dropping the goods on the ground or scrambling them on the table, it seems like she would do anything just to exchange good quality goods to bad ones.

Vendor exchanges fresh fish with rotten ones

Vendor replaces fresh goods with rotten ones (Photo from

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Netizens were enraged with the modus of the woman. One netizen even said that her conscience should be haunting her already: "kapal ng face mo ateng, nag babayad ng tama at husto ang customer mo tapos ikaw lolokohin o lang. hnd ka yayaman ng mali at hnd makataong diskarte mo. makuncencia ka naman! may pamilya ka dn na pwd mabiktima ng ginagawa mo..."

Another betizen claimed tht she has experienced the modus and advised the consumers to keep an eye on the vendors' every move: "Nangyari n yn sken, sariwa mga pinili Kung karne pagdating sa bhay nangangamoy na at maputla na ung karne, di cya makain kc may Amoy khit hinalbusan pa ! Kya dpat wag hihiwalayan ng paningin kpag kinikilo na at sinusupot."

Vendor exchanges fresh fish with rotten ones

Facebook-reactions (Photo from

One angry netizen almost cursed the woman and said: "Oyyy galing mo mangluko nagbayad ng tama costumers mo tpos yan pala ginawa mo akala mo ala nakakita sayu anjan ang dios nakatingin sayu karmahin ka din s panluluko mo s mga bumibili sayu kapal mukha nito."

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The video was shared by a Facebook page which went viral and gained more than 163,000 views with more than 3,200 shares.

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