Exhausted driver decides to sleep on Commonwealth

Exhausted driver decides to sleep on Commonwealth

- Passers-by took a video of a tow-truck driver they thought was already lying dead on Commonwealth Avenue 

- The driver was only sleeping after being exhausted from his job

- This is not the first time this has happened

A tow-truck driver was thought of as dead after passers-by saw him lying on Commonwealth Avenue highway.

However, when a person took a closer look at him, it was found out that the driver was just actually sleeping on the highway, complete with a pillow.

An anti-crime volunteer from Quezon City decided to check on the person lying comfortably on Commonwealth Avenue only to find out that the person was not dead but only sleeping soundly on the highway.

The tow-truck driver, known as Edgardo Ansures, was seen around 2 in the morning on September 12.

Exhausted driver decides to sleep on Commonwealth

The tow-truck driver Edgrado Ansures (Photo: Screenshot from YouTube)

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Ricardo Sabobo, the volunteer, said that people have been talking about the Ansures for quite some time, and so he decided to take a look at the scene himself.

Upon arriving at the area, Sabobo tried to wake the driver up, which he did successfully.

“Hindi naman patay, tulog lang (He is not dead, only asleep). Tulog na tulog, eh (He was sleeping soundly),” Sabobo said.

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Sabobo also revealed it took him some time to finally wake Ansures up because he was in deep sleep already.

When the driver was finally awake, Sabobo advised him to  move the truck away from the highway as it is dangerous and might cause accidents.

According to Ansures, he was shocked when Sabobo woke him up. He further said that he was only asleep for 15 minutes.

The reason why he chose to sleep on the road was that the inside of the truck was too hot for him.

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Ansures added that they usually take a nap for about one hour and that this is not the first time he and his workmates took on the road to sleep.

He said one of the reasons why they sleep on roads is because of their duty that is usually 24 hours. They are usually always on the move so when tardiness and drowsiness hit them, they find ways to take some rest.

Ansures clarified that he was not drunk and has not drunk any alcoholic beverage during the event as they are not allowed to drink while on duty. -Kami Media

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