Revealed: Duterte conspires with China to kill US alliance

Revealed: Duterte conspires with China to kill US alliance

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte just rejected the US troops to patrol the disputed waters in West Philippine Sea. This is not the first time that Duterte singled out US. In many occasions, the PH president slammed the US and President Barack Obama.

It seemed that Duterte is favoring China more and it is affecting the decades-long PH and US alliance. Below are the four instances when Duterte is conspiring with China and is killing the US alliance.

Revealed: Duterte conspires with China to kill US alliance


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Eyes China’s weapons

Duterte just announced that it will not allow the US military to patrolthe disputed waters in West Philippine Sea. Duterte also added that he is considering acquiring arms and weapons from China and Russia. Philippines has been dependent of the US for its security, but acquiring artillery from another source may weaken the dependency of the country to the world power as well as the bond.

Duterte insisted that he wanted Filipinos to patrol the territorial waters up to 12 nautical miles offshore and rejected the idea of Filipinos working with foreign powers to avoid Pinoy soldiers to be entangled in conflicts.

Rehab centers inside camp

One of the adverse effects of Duterte’s war on drugs is the increasing number of users that surrendered versus the limited rehab centers that can accommodate them. Last month, Duterte said that China offered to build rehabilitation centers. Last week, the president said that China is being built in Fort Magsaysay in Nueva Ecija.

China offered to build the rehab. I think they have already started in Magsaysay. They are bringing the materials there already ... only China ang magtulong sa atin (only China will help us),” Duterte said before the Filipino community in Indonesia.

Duterte wanted a rehab that has a military boot camp style for a full reformation of the drug users, while some critics think that establishing a rehab inside a camp will allow the country to spy on our military capacity.

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New and better trains and railways

Duterte announced in June before he assumed presidency that Chinese diplomats offered to build the envisioned Manila-Clark railway within two years. The aim of the North Luzon Railway is for faster and more convenient mode of transportation to the Northern part of Luzon as well as to decongest Metro Manila.

There is also the vision of relocating the international airport in Clark to avoid too much air traffic in Ninoy Aquino International Airport. This way, Philippines can accommodate more flights boosting the tourism in the country.

Sides with the leftist

Duterte previously claimed that he supports the cause of the communists in the country, but he does not approve of their ways or armed revolution. In order to prove his support and good intentions, he set a meeting with Communist Party of the Philippines founder Joma Sison and flew some of the communist leaders to Norway to resume peace talks in the hope of finally ending decades of war between the army and the leftists.

Meanwhile, being a communist country, China supports the insurgency in the Philippines. There were historical reports that claimed that China sent artillery support to the reds via MV Karagatan that the government intercepted that led to the declaration of Martial Law.

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