Sunshine Dizon denies reconciliation with Timothy Tan

Sunshine Dizon denies reconciliation with Timothy Tan

- Actress Sunshine Dizon on Tuesday renounced reconciliation with estranged husband Timothy Tan 

- Dizon elaborated that they only talk when it comes to their children's welfare

- It was made known to the public last June that Dizon's husband has been cheating on her 

Sunshine Dizon denies reconciliation with Timothy Tan

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Sunshine Dizon has clarified reconciliation rumors with estranged husband Timothy Tan.

“As of now, kapag nag-uusap kami (if we talk), talagang puro lang sa mga bata (our conversation would only focus on our children), the Encantadia actress told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in a phone interview on Tuesday, September 13.

“Pero (however) between me and Tim, what we talked lang talaga (only) is purely sa mga bata (regarding the kids), that’s it,” she added.

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Moreover, in an official statement sent to, the actress further explained that Tan is only paying visit to their two children.

Dizon also clarifies reports that her legal counsel withdrew the cases filed against Tan.

Below is Sunshine Dizon’s complete statement:

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“I issue this statement to clarify untruthful stories that have been published about me in gossip columns and blind items.

“First, Atty. Claire Castro did not back out as my counsel in the case I filed in relation to my marital matters.

“I asked her to withdraw from my cases, and I did so for personal reasons which I don’t need to elaborate further.

Sunshine Dizon denies reconciliation with Timothy Tan

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“Second, my husband, John Timothy Tan, continues to visit and see our children simply because he is their father. I cannot stop him if he wants to see his children.

“This, however, does not mean we have reconciled as spouses.

“A man’s relationship with his children is quite different and apart from his relationship with his spouse.

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“Third, I am civil to my husband because it is what good manners require.

“But I hope no one mistakes my civility for forgiveness.

“We have cases, still pending, and in those cases I am now represented by new counsel, Atty. Reeza Singzon.

“If any information about my cases does not come from my new lawyer or from me, then what you heard is unconfirmed information and I request its immediate burial in the archives of your dead files.

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“Finally, I request any person who has no involvement in my cases to please refrain from fanning the flames of gossip and intrigue.

“The past months have been extremely traumatic for me and my children, and our wounds are still raw.

“We beg media to help us heal, to grant us some goodwill in these matters, and to report only about truthful, verifiable facts.

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“Any disinformation or erroneous report could potentially affect my cases and confuse matters further, and it’s the last thing my family needs right now.

“My children and I have suffered enough. We ask our friends in media to spare us further intrigue, and in so doing uphold their integrity as writers and broadcasters.”

Sunshine Dizon denies reconciliation with Timothy Tan

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It was in June this year when Dizon found that her husband has been cheating on her.  The other woman allegedly involved is Clarisma Sison who reportedly works at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City.

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