Baby picks an odd place to sleep - German Shepherd back

Baby picks an odd place to sleep - German Shepherd back

Sleep is a very important part of our life. Bedtime hours help us restore and charge with energy in order to face a new day at our best. As you know, tastes differ, which means there are tons of positions people find the best to have a nap.

Many sleep on their side with their legs curled up in the so-called fetal position, which is one of the most popular. Some sleepers stretch their arms out in front of them, or, on the contrary, straight them by their sides, with their legs extended. Seems like an uncomfortable position to some, but it happens to be a fairly comfortable sleep style for the majority of people. This girl, however, has her own technique to have a good rest, and her recipe is pretty simple: all you need to get the most of your sleep is a blanket, a soft pillow and one patient German Sheppard. Check out this video for more detailed instructions.

It’s so funny to watch how Ryder the German Shepherd reacts (or it’s better to say doesn’t react) to the baby’s attempts to settle down. Pure patience!


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