Duterte firm in not apologizing even if it means losing presidency

Duterte firm in not apologizing even if it means losing presidency

Presidential candidate and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte denied that he was sorry for his provocative remark regarding the horrible murder and rape of Australian Missionary Jacqueline Hammile way back 1989.

This is contrary to the statement released by PDP Laban on Tuesday, April 19.

The statement said in full:

“I apologize to the Filipino people for my recent remarks in a rally. There was no intention of disrespecting our women and those who have been victims of this horrible crime. Sometimes my mouth can get the better of me.

But I will not apologize for the things I've done to protect our people, especially the weak and defenseless, from crime. I know what it can do to the victims  and their families.  The anguish and the pain they cause. The trauma that can't be erased.  I have witnessed these myself numerous times.

This is why I am angry. I am angry because horrendous things like this continue to happen to our women and children all over our land. And sadly, government has failed to protect them. 

If you will give me the chance to lead this country, I promise to all of you that I will protect our women, children and families from the horrors and disorder of crime. I will do this even if I lose my life, my honor and even the presidency.

My life is an open book. I am a man of many flaws and contradictions. But when it comes to securing the lives and future of our countrymen and women, you can trust me to do the right thing. I will fight for the people until my last breath.”

At first, the iron-willed mayor said he has no idea regarding the statement. However, when reporters asked him if he knew the statement, he said yes.

In the video that went viral online, Duterte went into details on how he hates crimes and how he has been fighting against criminals in connection with what happened way back 1989 in Davao City. He observed that Hamill is beautiful.

"Putang ina, sayang,” Duterte said, the crowd bursted into laughter.

"Ang napasok sa isip ko, ni-rape nila, pinagpilahan nila lahat do'n ," he said.

"Nagalit ako kasi ni-rape? Oo. Isa rin 'yun. Pero napakaganda. Dapat, ang mayor muna ang mauna,” he added and drew louder laughter.

The mayor is firm in not apologizing even if it means losing his presidency.

I am even willing to lose the presidency. Do not make me apologize for something, which was called for at that moment. I can lose Gabriela and all, I don’t care,” he said in another interview.

But certainly, as a matter of honor, I will stick to my guns. I said it in the heat of anger. I am the master of my faith and the captain of my choice. If it brings me down, let it bring me down. If it brings me up to the presidency, well, I will serve you,” he added.


Source: KAMI.com.gh

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