Dancer falls headfirst on stage during dance competition

Dancer falls headfirst on stage during dance competition

- A Pinoy dance group member suffered a violent accident on stage

- The accident happened while the performer was attempting a double back flip

- The video was taken in Angono during a dance competition

A video showing a member of a dance group suffering a violent accident on stage had gone viral.

The clip starts off with the dance group performing their routine with confidence and enthusiasm. A few moments later, the time for the performance’s climax had come.

Dancer falls headfirst on stage during dance competition
Angono accident (Photo: Facebook)

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One of the dance group members can be seen praying before performing his dangerous stunt: a double backflip on stage!

Unfortunately, the dancer was not able to control his landing properly. He went crashing down violently headfirst on the surface of the stage.

The dance group had no choice but to stop their performance and tend to their injured member. The crowd can also be heard screaming as they saw one of the dancers suffer a brutal accident.

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Netizens felt sorry for the performer and wished for his quick recovery. Some netizens also advised other dancers to be extra careful, especially when performing dangerous stunts.

“Para po sa mga dancer, please po mag ingat po tayo sa tambling tulad nitong double back kagabi lang ito dance contest sa Angono. Share natin sa mga kapatid natin ingat sa double back, hindi po ito basta tinitira kailangan po ng mahabang practice hindi po basta kaya nalang. Ingat guys,” the video uploader posted.

(For the dancers out there, please be careful when performing stunts such as the double back flip. This happened during a dance contest in Angono last night. Let us share this with other netizens to remind them that doing stunts should be taken seriously and that they should practice for a long time before executing these moves. Take care, guys.)

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