Duterte says there is no need for additional powers

Duterte says there is no need for additional powers

- President Duterte said that there is no need for additional powers for him

- He added that he would only use the powers that the President has, together with other PH laws

- The declaration of state of lawlessness enables Duterte to call out the military and the police to suppress violence in Mindanao

President Rodrigo Duterte rejected the idea of having additional powers after he declared the state of lawlessness in Mindanao after the bombing incident in Roxas market, Davao City, which is the President’s hometown.

Duterte says there is no need for additional powers

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Duterte said that the powers he already has as the President would be the only ones that he will use to prevent and suppress violence in the country.

We are in a state of lawlessness. I do not need any additional power. If you use the word, pang takot lang yan (that is just used to instill fear). I do not need it. I do not need anything except that you know that there is lawlessness in the country, period,” said the President during the press briefing in Davao City upon his arrival from his trip in Laos.

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The President pointed out that there are laws in the Philippines that could be instrumental to keep the country safe from violence and terrorism.

I will just exercise the powers of the presidency the natural way, law and order and stricter measures,” Duterte added.

The statement of Duterte regarding the additional powers for him was made when Senator Richard Gordon said that the President should be given the power to suspend the writ of habeas corpus to strengthen the campaign against terrorism and illegal drugs.

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However, Duterte did not make any remark in connection to Gordon’s statement.

Meanwhile, Duterte noted that more checkpoints and more stringer security procedures at places like airports should be expected since he already declared a national emergency on account of lawless violence.

In a state of lawlessness, I feel that I have to do some extra mile of putting things in order,” said Duterte.

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The declaration made by Duterte allows him to call out the military, together with the police, to suppress the lawless violence in Mindanao. It is also a way to prevent the violence from spreading to other parts of the country.

The state of lawlessness shall remain in effect until Duterte lifts it.


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